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Generating Traffic with the Right Content

When most people think of content, the first type that usually comes to mind is written web content. While high-quality written web content is certainly an excellent approach to generating traffic, there are a number of other eggs that you can add to your basket, so to speak.

According to one web source, web content is going to be a major player when it comes to generating traffic. Webpage sizes have grown from 1.28 MB to 1.7 MB, scripts have increased, and more website owners are incorporating images into their website marketing campaigns.

Taking these factors into account, it is reasonable to deduce that the web content you put on your webpage is going to have a major impact on your brand. Therefore, it is essential to create content that is going to generate traffic that you are looking for straight to your website. Below is an overview of the main types of content that drive traffic and how you can present them to have a lasting and effective impact.

Video Content

Video content is one of the most popular forms of content that you can use to drive traffic to your website. There are many ways to drive web traffic through videos and the better you get at developing your options, the more traffic you’ll be able to attract.

Keep in mind, when you create video content you want developers who are both creative and tech-savvy. Having variance on your content creation team can bring new ideas and ensure that the content is popular among many types of groups.


Brands join all kinds of social media websites, but not enough harness the power of YouTube. The first step that you should take when creating video content is to open a YouTube account for your brand. A brand-specific account will not only allow viewers to see your featured videos, but it will also encourage them to browse through other content.

Some of the world’s most famous brands, such as Coca-Cola and Disney, have successfully incorporated YouTube into their marketing campaigns through video content. When using YouTube, the content can be generated by both your followers and your brand. Encourage viewers to comment and click on links that revert back to your main page.

Videos on Social Media

A second way to attract website traffic through video content marketing is by sharing videos on your social media accounts. Now more than ever, social media account holders will view videos posted by brands, especially if those videos are funny, engaging, and attractive.

Another tip is to attract users through producing videos that handle certain social issues. For example, you could try something similar to the video content that Honey Maid or CardStore  have produced. These videos did an excellent job at attracting users because the videos are able to address issues that many people in today’s society care about. In addition, they strongly affect human emotion and sensitivities.


Infographics are highly expressive and visual pieces of content produced by many of the world’s biggest brands. For a good and high-quality infographic that is going to attract users and increase traffic on your brand’s website, you need a wonderful content writer and a quality graphic designer. This duo will be able to church out info graphics that reach their end goal.

One very popular infographic was recently produced by Samsung. The infographic itself, which can be found here, is great because it is effective in providing the viewer with all of the essential information necessary for the viewer to make an informed decision about which product they want to buy. The infographic provides the viewer with information like phone dimensions, weight, versions, RAM, CPU speed, and technological advances.

Embedded Tweets

One method that unfortunately does not get enough attention is the concept of embedded Tweets. Essentially, embedded tweets are a prime way to advertise your website through what others are actually saying about your brand on Twitter.

To use embedded tweets, all you need to do is take a screen shot and cut down the area so just the tweet is showing. Share the tweet on your other social media accounts and other sites with an attached link so viewers will click and revert back to your brand’s homepage.

Embedded tweets are not only effective because they are positive opinions about your brand, but they are also useful because they lead to credibility and trustworthiness in your brand. If you have positive comments about your brand online, other users will see those positive views and their own conception of your brand and its purpose will be reinforced. You can also try to use the embedded content to create customer engagement and a recommendation to check out your brand’s page for a full discussion about what many users are saying.

The Proof is in the Visual

Original data is another way to use content to attract viewers to your website. Many people these days don’t believe or trust in brands, including the information that they post about their brand. The lack of trust is a major detriment to the brand because people are more willing to support a brand in the long term when they trust that brand. One great way to create trust and traffic is through visual content that provides proof of just how wonderful your brand is.

You want to create creative and attractive visuals that display statistics about why individuals like your brand, what parts of your brand are popular among customers, and any other elements that most people would be interested in. The visuals can be posted on social media accounts, on other websites, and even on blog posts that partake in affiliate marketing. Taking these initiatives and really pushing for success is what is going to get your brand noticed and supported at the end of the day.


Some people are visual and others are listeners. When creating a marketing campaign, you want to instil a campaign that is going to attract and that appeals to many facets of your potential audience. Podcasts are the ideal method of getting attention from potential customers who like information relayed to them through sounds. Podcasts typically work for brands that provide services.

For example, if your brand provides a certain business service, then it may be useful to create a podcast that describes your services, why they are important, and how those services can help your potential target audience reach their goals. At the end of the podcast, all you need to do is to revert your potential customers back to your website so that they can take their interest to the next level.

Affiliate Blog Posts

Sometimes, your brand can get the online traffic through content marketing without the hassle of creating a content marketing campaign. If your budget isn’t very high and you need to gain website traffic, a very popular option is to use affiliate blog posts.

These blog posts are essentially inconspicuous advertisements about your brand on websites own by bloggers. The bloggers will write a post about using one of your products and recommend that product to their users.

What’s great about this option is that you choose who your writers are, you can add specifications to the post, and you can choose bloggers who have high viewership and that are compatible with the purpose of your brand.

For example, if your brand is selling baby products, then the blog post by the affiliate blogger can discuss your product in their post, why the use it, or how it meets or surpasses their expectations. These posts can also include pictures by the bloggers and links back to your brand’s website.

Case Studies

Finally, if your brand is a service oriented brands, then a case study is the prime way to be transparent about your brand, gain legitimacy, and increase viewership. A case study shows the value of your brand by presenting to potential customers just how much your brand has helped others and the successes your brand has made in meeting its goals in what it offers.

Case studies can be presented by information diagrams and posted online for users to see. At the bottom of the case study, it is helpful to add a link that reverts back to your site so that you gain the viewership that you are looking for.


Overall, generating the website traffic that you are looking for can be a long and tough job, but it is well worth it. By implementing one of the above content marketing strategies, you can gain the viewership that you need.

In addition to viewership, these strategies also present your brand in a positive light, they increase brand loyalty, and they also get your brand out there so that people learn about it and purchase products or use your services offered. Content marketing that is highly digital is well worth it in an age where many people appreciate media and quick delivery of information that is interesting and relevant.

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