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Generating Traffic: Finding the Right Tactic

Owning a website and a brand is never easy and it often requires a lot of effort on behalf of your marketing team. The difficulty is that finding the right tactics to generate web traffic can often be a challenge since not every single tactic is effective and will provide you with the results that you are looking for.

Generating traffic is important since it affects the success of your brand, how many sales you make, and it also determines how much information your brand’s buyers have regarding your brand. Rather than risk the success of your brand, the best thing you can do is to generate traffic. Below are a few of the most effective tactics that will get you the traffic that you are looking for.

Four Factors to Start With

There are many reasons that your website may not be getting the web traffic that you’d like. When determining your web traffic and when thinking about ways to improve it, there are four places where you should start:

  • The amount of clicks it takes to purchase a product
    Users like websites that are easy to use, flexible, and that do not require much effort to get to the end goal. If your website is used for purchasing products and services, then you want to make sure that it takes as few clicks as possible to purchase something. In general, you users to have to click three times or fewer to make a purchase.
  • Opting-In to offers
    Your website isn’t a space for you to simply provide users with information on your brand or product. It is also a way for users to attain offers that are not available elsewhere. One offer that you should certainly make sure your users have available to them are discounts or access to the latest news about your product. To get these advantages, you should have an “opt-in” feature. The opt-in feature should gather your customer’s personal information such as their name and email. You should also give your customer another benefit for also describing how he or she heard about your website.
  • Easy Ordering
    Not only should it be easy for your users to purchase products and services, but you also need to make it easy to order. The easier it is to order, the more people will opt to use your website over others.
  • A strong sales copy
    Every website needs to have an effective call-to-action. Without a call-to-action, you’ll be missing out on the very crucial hook that you need to gather hits for your website. Your sales copy should not only be featured on your website, but it also needs to be on any content that is off your website and advertisements that you use for your marketing campaign.

By fixing the above factors, you will be ready to move onto additional tactics to generate web traffic. With the strong foundation, you’ll be able to move your website into a strong lead generator.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Another popular and very effective tactic that you should consider investing in is pay-per-click advertising. Pay per click is an internal advertising model that helps you generate web traffic to your website. Those who want to advertise pay the publisher, who usually is the owner of a website, every time the ad is clicked.

When the advertisement is clicked, users are able to directly reach your website, thus increasing your website views and even your conversion rate if your website is able to reach customers well. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the best ways to reach new customers at a low rate. You just need to try and negotiate the best price for your pay-per-click advertising campaign.

Content Articles are Worth a Lot

Despite what you and many other marketers may think, content articles are worth investing in. However, not just any content articles – but those that are well written and provide readers with useful information. When content marketing, the best articles will work into the content information that is relevant to the brand and sometimes even a call-to-action at the bottom.

Through effective content marketing, you can increase hits to our website and also provide readers with excellent information about your brand and what it offers. When content marketing, don’t forget to have the writer work in key words that can increase search engine rankings. Key words should not be flooded into the text, but rather, they should be worked into the writing once or twice.

Guest Blogs

Guest blogs are often overlooked because marketers aren’t willing to put in the effort to scout out possible blog that may fit the audience that represents their brand. Guest blogs are effective because they allow you to reach an audience that will be interested in your brand. In addition, they also improve hits to your website and they may improve business, too.

For the most effective guest blogs, have a writer that is familiar with your product and service and who can write a stellar cause-to-action. By taking the right steps, you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Campaign

Your website, guests posts, and other marketing tactics should have a way for your to offer viewers to opt-into your email marketing campaigns. Your email marketing campaigns potentially increase your website hits by directing views to your site, exposing new offers, providing viewers with deals if they visit your website, and so much more.

In addition, those who opt into your email marketing newsletters will have the option to share the newsletters with  their friends and family, thus increasing your website’s viewership and your potential customer base.


Overall, with the above steps you can increase traffic to your website and improve your brand’s business and success. The above tactics are also ones that can be implemented easily so that you can see the results that you are looking for. With more creativity and effort, you’ll be able to even maximize your results.

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