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Generating a Flood of Traffic to Your Website – Some Simple Tactics You Can Use Now

Generate a flood of trafficTraffic generation is the bread and butter of any online business. Without it, there would be no sales, there would be no communication, and the online world would come to a screaming halt. Without traffic you will never succeed. It is a must and it is the most important thing to build wealth on the online world.

Targeted traffic + conversions can make you wealthy. The key word there is targeted. Most amateur internet marketers buy crap traffic from crap sources and expect it to convert. That won’t happen and it’s just a waste of your time and money.

Think about it this way: If you have an ice cream shop full of sugary goodies and treats would you market to diabetics? No. You wouldn’t get any sales because the diabetic market can’t have sugar and they sure as heck won’t buy your desserts. It sounds like a silly comparison but it’s pretty accurate if you think about it.

If you have a high ticket product that costs $1,997 or more, then why would you waste money buying cheap and random traffic from AdFly? It sounds silly, but amateur internet marketers do this kind of thing all the time and they wonder why their offers aren’t converting.

Your traffic generation should be laser-focused on the market that needs it and not just random people. This goes for SEO and not just paid traffic. I’ve seen marketers that don’t know what they’re doing target the “low-hanging fruit” keywords that only get a few searches per month and they think they’re going to be successful because there’s not competition.

Let me let you in on a little secret: COMPETITION IS GOOD! Yes, competition is great, in fact. If there’s competition then that means that it’s a profitable market because people are working hard to get even a tiny slice of that market’s pie.

Let me let you in on another secret: A tiny slice of the pie (let’s just say 1%) of the weight loss market would make you a millionaire. That’s because there’s millions of people out there that need to lose weight. Don’t go after the low-hanging fruit. Go for the gold!

SEO is Easy – If You Follow the BASICS

SEO is not hard. It’s very simple, in fact. Simple doesn’t mean lazy. It just means not complicated. It will take hard work (like anything worthwhile in this life) but once you get it down pat then it won’t even be that hard. Heck, you can even outsource SEO for a few bucks if you want.

However, I think that every internet marketer needs to learn SEO because it’s a basic and fundamental skill that needs to be learned. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about SEO because most of you will know the basics and the basics are really all you need to know. Instead, I’d like to show you a really cool method to get a lot of traffic fast and dirt cheap.

Reddit Cash Explosion – Some Insider Info…

Reddit is a really cool place with a TON of different markets. They also have an incredibly active user base and they have an amazing advertising system. It’s paid, but it’s dirt cheap. Reddit is kind of like Digg. Remember Digg? It’s basically crowd-sourced pictures, articles and videos that users post to the site and then other users will either “downvote” the post or upvote it. It’s really cool because this voting system ensures that only the best posts make it to the front page.

Reddit has MILLIONS of users that browse the site every day, usually for hours at a time. They also have an awesome advertising system. When you order an ad with Reddit the advertising managers will place it at the very top of the site at random times throughout the day. The best part is that it looks like a regular post. So the trick here is to write your ad like someone would write a post.

Let me show you a great example:


As you can see, the ad is on the front page, at the very top, where every single user out of that particular “subreddit” will see it. The ad says: “THIS WEEK YOUTUBE’S ONLY COVERING IMPORTANT TOPICS – LIKE WOOKIEES, DALEKS, VULCANS AND COSPLAY. TUNE INTO GEEK WEEK.”

The ad was written to sound like a fellow “redditor” and not just some guy out to make a buck. Trust me, if you use dry advertising on Reddit you will be harassed. No worries though, just learn some of the lingo that “redditors” use and use it in your ad. You’ll fit right in!

Now, one thing to note is that you’ll want to target a certain subreddit – nne that is based off of your market. Don’t worry, there’s a subreddit for everything. A subreddit is a part of the community that is interested in a certain topic and they have their own little forum.

For example, if your niche was weight loss then you’d want to post an ad to only be seen on http://www.reddit.com/r/loseit

At this moment there are over 161,000 subscribers to that subreddit and it’s very active. That’s a lot of eyeballs looking at your ad and clicking on it! But most important, its laser-focused. They’re obviously interested in losing weight so I bet they’d be interested in your offer.

To start advertising on Reddit you’ll need about $20, an account and an offer…that’s all. Just go to http://www.reddit.com and sign up. It’s free and very simple. After you’ve signed up, then log in and you’ll see an ad at the top with a link that says “what’s this” in the bottom right corner. Hover over it and click the link in the blurb that pops up. Here’s an example of what I mean below:


On the next page click the “Get Started” button and start building your ad. Just remember, be sure to make it eye-catching (a thumbnail photo is necessary) and just sound cool. The most important thing here is to only advertise to the subreddits that are related to your market and not the entire site. This way, you’re getting laser-targeted traffic. You can do this for affiliate offers, your own product, or just something you’d like people to see. The sky is the limit with this method. Remember, traffic + conversions = wealth.

This is just one method out of thousands out there. I wanted to show you this one because I wanted to prove to you that with a little creativity and thinking outside the box you can bring a ton of traffic and more importantly: RESULTS!

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  1. AMAZING!! Are you magic, or something? Where do you get this? I am a redditor, and I didnt know that I could advertise for $20!!! That’s nothing! Thanks, going to try, and I think if you have any new products I will follow YOUR every word with cult like fascination…Gosh, you’re a genius. I’ve been on reddit all this time and never considered this…geez!

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