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Generate Articles: Ideas for Writing Articles in Bulk

Generate articles for article marketing, and you could become a successful internet entrepreneur.Generate Articles On the surface, it sounds like writing a bunch of articles and submitting them to free article directories is the perfect way to pull in a boatload of cash. But is it really?

In truth, to generate articles in bulk poses quite a problem for many people. We’ll take a look at a few different scenarios that internet marketers try in an attempt to make a quick buck here and there. In the end, a few key points are all you need to achieve success. But ignoring these will get your articles removed and your article directory accounts suspended.

When Marketers Generate Articles in Bulk

When most internet marketers generate articles in bulk, they use a host of shady tactics. First, they accumulate free or paid-for PLR articles. These articles, while sometimes written with quality advice, are usually written with one purpose in mind: to fill your website or article directory account with material. In other words, it’s just fluff, and often poorly written at that.

If the article directory doesn’t prevent you from publishing these pieces after you generate articles , your readers will be turned off enough that they may not click-through the link in the resource box to visit your website. The lack of quality content will tell them that they’ll only be wasting their time by clicking your link. They’ll hit the “back” button and find another article that provides what they’re looking for.

When Internet Marketers Generate Articles That are too Similar

If you’ve ever tried to generate articles by yourself for a single niche, you know that you have to pick keywords that are very similar. When you go to generate articles by hand (i.e. without an article spinner), you might notice that they all start sounding similar. When you generate articles in bulk without taking a topic break in between, you risk repeating yourself, which trips the plagiarism or duplication flags in the software of article directories.

As a result, you might find that your article account gets suspended and your publishing rights revoked for a number of days until you rectify the problem.

Not Generating Enough Articles and Expecting too Many Results

One common problem marketers make when trying to generate articles is that they never write enough to make a dent in the search results. Some think that just because they write 10 articles per niche, they’ll pull in $100,000 per year on that niche alone. Unless you’ve discovered a gold mine of a niche, nothing could be further from the truth. You need tens of articles – if not hundreds, to start cornering your niche market. That’s where article spinners, when used properly and with white hat SEO techniques, come in handy.

You can also hire native English-speaking article writers to help with the load of trying to generate articles. Some of them offer articles for $5 apiece that will suffice for the purposes of the article directory. They can generate articles more quickly than you can, and you’ll get to spend more time focusing on growing your business.


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