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The Future of Internet Marketing is Bright

If you haven’t already tested the waters of internet marketing, it may be about to finally take the plunge.  Digital marketing, ecommerce, and online coaching have all been reaching new heights this year according to sources such as Comscore, Emarketer, and a slurry of other online research firms.  According to a revenue report released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau on October 9th, internet ad revenue hit an all time high of $20.1 billion in the first half of 2013 (an 18% increase over last year and almost double from 2010).  The same report even showed that digital video revenue increased by 24% to $1.3 billion in the first half.  As I mentioned in a prior article shown here, mobile marketing is expected to EXPLODE, and the statistics are now showing this to be true as mobile marketing has gone up a whopping 145% in the first half of this year.  Needless to say, there IS money to be made online.  We are going to take a look at a few of the extraordinary factors that are causing online business to thrive.

Clearly, the first and most obvious reason why internet marketing continues to bolster record profits is increased availability overall speed.  According to ITU World Telecommunications, approximately 41% of the world’s households are connected to the internet, with European countries leading the way with 77% penetration.  This is up significantly from previous years, but is still relatively low, showing that there is a huge potential for growth.  As more and more countries begin to develop and become privy to the same information as everyone else, online usage will undoubtedly continue upward at a staggering rate.  In 2012, Google boasted 1.2 trillion searches.  Google has recently announced that they have increased the number of ISP locations that they process searches from by 700% in 2013.  This means that search results will be returned faster than ever as there are more local areas to draw information from.  With more users online every day and faster speeds, online purchases will continue to grow exponentially.

I think that we can all agree that social media is quickly becoming one of the most influential mediums in human history.  Reports suggest that as many as 40% of adults that are 30 years or younger, receive their daily dose of the news from social media.  According to MediaPost, 72% of adult internet users within the United States are now active on at least one social media account.  This is up from 67% from last year and only 5% from 2005.  Since the inclusion of ads on Facebook, it has quickly become one of the most reliable sources of traffic to the money sites of many marketers worldwide and it shows.  Over 699 million people log into Facebook daily, which is a 26% increase from 2012 and what’s more impressive (and what I believe is a direct correlation to the allowance of ads, are the 4.5 billion “likes” that are generated daily (up 67% from 2012).  Suddenly, marketers have an avenue in which they can connect with their target audience on a daily basis, and any successful marketer will tell you that engagement is an absolute necessity.  Social media may be for the everyday Joe, but it has proven to be one of the most powerful tools, boosting revenue for countless marketers.

Youtube is not new, but the use of Youtube marketing has become an increasingly popular method for brand awareness and leading internet traffic to any desired site.  According to Youtube statistics, over 6 billion hours of video is watched every month (up 50% from last year).  This may go hand in hand with the popularity of social media as Social media today reported that there are approximately 700 video links to Youtube posted on twitter every single minute.   This allows popular videos to go viral in literally hours, which has been bringing in big money for marketers that know how to utilize it correctly.

As mentioned in the link posted above, mobile marketing has been taking off at an astronomical speed.  This is clearly due to the availability of the internet to mobile users.  Now, people no longer need a costly desktop or even a laptop to surf the web and make purchases, as it can be done from a portable hand held device from virtually anywhere.  Mobile technology is increasing at the speed of light and will continue to improve, allowing marketers to promote their products and services to a wider audience than ever thought possible.

Clearly, internet marketing is here to stay.  The statistics speak for themselves.  If the trends continue, there will be countless people making a comfortable living online for the foreseeable future.  Will you be one of them?

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