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Fun Facebook Strategies to Tap into

Is your Facebook fan page growing a little boring? Do you find yourself logging into Facebook for business purposes  and checking your personal profile more often than you update your business profile? Both of these questions address very common problems amongst the internet marketing community, so don’t feel bad if you have to answer “yes” in your mind.

Facebooking your business is one of those internet marketing tactics that’s more easily said and preached about than carried out in reality. Oh, sure, everyone and his brother made sure they got 50 fans and claimed their vanity URL shortly thereafter, but beyond that, what have you REALLY done with your Facebook page? This guide will help you recharge your status batteries and help you put new life into your waning Facebook page.

  1. Raise a poll question. Instead of posting a status, ask a question via a poll. You’ll see the poll option under the same drop-down menu as the “Offers,” “Events” and “Milestones” buttons. If you can come up with a relevant poll for your site or niche, that’s the best option, but if you can’t, then pick a pop culture question that’s all abuzz at the moment.
  2. Change your cover photo often. Few things catch the eye better than a big graphic scrolling along someone’s Facebook timeline. The more often you change your huge cover photo, the more often your viewers will see that you’re updating your page, and they’ll automatically want to gravitate toward activity on your page. Whether they only “like” it or even go so far as to comment on it, any interaction is better than no interaction at all.
  3. Respond to fan comments. Sometimes this is a toughie, especially if all the customer said was “great article” or “nice post.” What can you possibly come up with in a comment that would really add productivity to the article? Not much, probably, but you can always say “thank you,” if nothing else. I always try to add something about my business that they may not know already. For instance, if a fan comments on a photo of chocolate chip cookies that you just baked and are selling, and all they said was “those look yummy!”, then you can add something to the effect of, “They sure are! We also make a similar batch in macadamia nut and chocolate chip.” Anything extra about your business that is visible on a public forum edifies the conversation for both the commenter and those just scrolling through.
  4. Find new apps that involve fan interaction. For instance, I have a “Fan of the Week” app on my Facebook page, and anyone who likes or comments on a status gets a chance to be featured as the fan of the week. If you want to take it one step further, enter them into a monthly contest or give out an award for whoever gets chosen as the fan of the week. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?

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