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Free is The New Paid

I have discussed free products before on the blog, and how they can be awesome for building lists as well as a visitor products_tipsbase. I have been asked to provide tips on what the best products are to give away, and here are some ideas to get you started. Remember, these are just ideas, and you can probably expand on them yourself once you get into the mindset, and the creative juices start flowing.

There are a lot of things in your niche that a visitor will be receptive to as a freebie. You just have to think about that first, and then create it. If you struggle creating things, then you should outsource it – because building a list with free stuff is pretty much internet marketing 101 these days…

Don’t Offer Products, Offer PACKAGES

Nothing speaks louder than the SIZE of a product. People are always wanting more from a freebie, and you can meet that demand by simply rewording your advertisement for the freebie. Instead of telling people they get a free SEO guide, you tell them they get “A free SEO kit for beginners” or “Grab your SEO package right now for free!” See how that works better than “Get your SEO guide for free here.” There’s millions of free products out there – make yours stand out. You can add more and more to a package until you think its way overdelivery… and then add a little more.

Make the Product Look Good

Don’t scrimp just because its a free product. You can get a designer to put together a cheap ebook cover, or you can get one for free (see “I’m NOT A Designer!”  in the main blog). Appearances say everything about you and your brand, so you will look pretty good to your visitors giving away a great looking package that has a cool looking ebook cover!

Ask for Feedback

Instead of offering a product for free, you should ask for feedback, and dedicate a whole section of your site to it. This will encourage visitors to add content to your site, and it will further encourage people to download the product in the first place. Win Win.

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