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Four Ways to Organize Website Boards on Pinterest

We all love Pinterest – who doesn’t?But Pinterest can get cluttered very fast, especially under the eye of a sloppy internet marketer. Social media is for lazy people, sure, but most of those lazy people aren’t trying to make money with their posts. Those who are need to pay special attention to organizing their feeds, when possible, so that customers and other viewers can find what they want to easily and without having to dig too much.

Pinterest is perhaps one of the best social media platforms on which to organize your photos, videos and blog posts. Instead of posting random updates and statuses as you do on Facebook and Twitter, you can organize your thoughts and ideas onto boards. It is with these boards that you will do all of your organization.

What follows are ways I’ve used – and still do use – to organize the blog posts, YouTube videos, Google Plus photo albums and more that I have on my Pinterest profile for my business accounts.

1. Create a name for each theme you plan to pin. But I only have one theme for my site! – you say. But I say, you have more themes than you realize. For example, if your niche has to do with laptop reviews, there’s no way you should lump everything under one board. Break it down by brand, by size or by price bracket.

2. Duplicate your pins if necessary. There’s nothing saying you can’t pin the same thing twice – at least not yet! Using the laptop example, if you  have a laptop that falls into the “under $1000” board but also falls into the category of Dell laptops, you can make a board for each and pin the laptop in both boards. That way, your viewers can go to the any board they choose and find what they’re looking for. After all, the main objective here is to help the customer find what they want, and subsequently, click on what they want and buy it off of your site, right? So all you’re doing is making it easier for them to find it.

3. Pin the seemingly unpinnable. You can pin darn near everything on the internet that has a picture attached, save for a few of the Facebook photos that Pinterest seems to despise pinning. That means you need to upload an image on every blog post you write and create a board specifically for your blog posts. Because if you DON’T upload an image, Pinterest won’t let you pin the post. If you want to get more granular, create a board for each blog category and post under your categories. Your possibilities really are endless.

4. Pin videos. That’s right, Pinterest allows you to pin videos. What happens is, Pinterest captures a thumbnail of the video and uses that as the teaser for the pin. When a user clicks on the pin, it takes them to the video source, as it logically should. This is great if you have a YouTube channel.

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  1. This is the first time I start to understand Pinterest although I still can’t imagine all these boards and pinning things being a social activity and being good for marketing!

  2. I have a board named favorite recipes , now I would like to separate the SWEETS…is ther a quicker way then having to hit edit on every one of them to move it to the new “sweets” board?

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