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Features of Blogs: Attracting Attention on Your Blog

Features of blogs give you the opportunity to Features of blogshighlight special offers, provide a field for subscribing to your email list and adding banners to the top of your home page for increased visibility. While it might seem like these would detract from your blog posts, they actually enhance your reader’s experience and give them more ways to become part of your community.

Features of blogs generally come in the form of widgets or plugins. Sometimes you can even add extra code to the template HTML to insert a pop-up advertising your new product or asking first-time visitors to subscribe to your list. These often work based on a site visitor’s cookies, so unless they have their cookies turned on, your code may not always work as it should.

Advertising Features of Blogs

There are multiple ways to advertise something on your blog. The upper right hand corner, usually in the farthest right column on your page, is a great place to put the subscription field for an email list or a big graphic for your latest e-book release. If you’ve partnered with any other websites or affiliate programs, advertising your links there can greatly increase traffic to that site.

Secondly, you can use small drop-down banners from the top of the page. Have you ever looked at the top of the Google home page when you’re logged in? The banner you see there is about the size you would want on your own blog. Just be sure that the color you pick is such that it is visible against your page without disguising the text that’s on it. Your visitors need to be able to read the text and click the links!

Social Media Features of Blogs

Connecting with your readers via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is almost just as important as selling them on your affiliate products right from your website. If you can get them to “like” your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your YouTube channel, then you have that many more avenues with which to advertise to them in the future. Procure their email address through your subscription field, and you’ve got it made!

Plugin features of blogs help you decide how visible you’d like your social media plugins to be. Sometimes, you might use the Facebook widget that displays other fans of your page as well as the icon for your fan page. Other times, you might want a square area with icons of all the social media networks you want your readers to connect with. Naturally, the links on all of these icons go straight to your fan page, your Twitter profile or your YouTube channel.

Sometimes, depending upon which plugin features of blogs you picked, you can supply “like” and “follow” buttons right there on your page, meaning your reader never has to leave your website and get distracted with something else. These options are probably the most optimal features of blogs as far as social media networking is concerned.

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