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Fall Trends You Need to Take Advantage of NOW!

Fall is officially in full swing, and that means you might want to start looking at some new marketing opportunities online. Fall is home to two of the most popular holidays of the year and is the immediate precursor to our favorite holiday of all – Christmas!

Perhaps you’re not the type to want to rush Christmas or Thanksgiving before you even see Halloween candy for sale at the grocery store. But like it or not, customers are buying up supplies for all three holidays far in advance. Each year it seems to get a little earlier and earlier, but perhaps that’s just me.

Marketing for the Holidays

Personally, I like to have a little fun with my internet marketing tactics around this time of year. Mixing up my selling agenda gives me an excuse to be a little kid again! Just think – you can give yourself any reason you want to justify checking out cool Halloween costumes, search for new Thanksgiving recipes for your get together and take a peek at the iPhone 5 accessories you will most certainly want to put on your Christmas list.

All that to say – you get the best of both worlds when researching marketing trends for the holidays. In searching for new niches to blog about, vlog about or pin on Pinterest, you get to keep yourself entertained at the same time. Hey, that’s a pretty big deal to me!

Odds are, if YOU like something you see, then someone else is going to like it, too. Perhaps you can blog about it on your blog. Maybe you can treat yourself to a new iPhone accessory, do a review video about it, link to your affiliate link in the description and make money when people buy that same accessory for their kids for Christmas.

I know a lot of people (and the ladies especially) who LOVE to blog about and pin fall recipes around Halloween and Thanksgiving time. Recipes are always in style, and while there is definitely a lot of competition in this realm of marketing, there’s always room for improvement. Top Ten lists (my personal favorite) and “what to bring to get-togethers with the family” recipes are always in high demand. If you don’t want to make a whole new website for it, just start pinning your own posts on an existing website (or a public blog like Blogger) and create your own following that way.

You know what else is huge this time of year? Halloween costumes! Become an affiliate for a Halloween costume company, and you can make bank reviewing, selling and compiling lists of the best Halloween costumes for certain niches. And with all the great movies that came out this year (“The Avengers” being one of them) you can certainly capitalize on the popularity of costumes for kids – and adults – that fall into this sort of category.

Keep checking back for more ideas – I’ll be posting more about fall marketing trends as I get the inspiration for them!


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