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Facebook Thumbnail: Enhancing Your Presence

Facebook thumbnail pictures probably don’t seemFacebook thumbnail like they should be priority numero uno on your list of things to do. But the way you present yourself on Facebook (i.e., the way your profile picture looks when you’re posting status updates and commenting on others’ posts) dictates a lot of how people will see you when you’re participating in discussions.

Why is this such an issue with business profiles or Facebook fan pages? Facebook thumbnail pictures are no big deal when you’re using a personal profile because Most profile pictures are centered on your face or the object in the focus. But with a Facebook fan page or business profile, chances are you featured a logo as your profile picture, which might be all different shapes and sizes and might look chopped off in a Facebook thumbnail. Here’s what you can do about your thumbnail’s appearance on Facebook pages.

Facebook Thumbnail: Editing the Thumbnail

You don’t have to go through any fancy steps to make a presentable Facebook thumbnail. To see how yours looks like at the moment, log into your account, click on your profile picture and hit the “Edit Thumbnail” option. This will draw up a new page (or a dialog box, depending on what type of account you have) and give you a few different options.

First of all, you get to compare the difference between your full-size photo and your thumbnail. Chances are, it will take a good portion of the top part of your picture while chopping off the entire middle and bottom. This can look pretty empty – or ridiculous – depending on the type of photo you have if you’re not careful.

Moving on, pick between the two options you’re given in order to adjust it to the correct settings. You can either scale the picture to fit, meaning you’ll fit the entire photo into the Facebook thumbnail, or drag the picture to adjust its focal point. This way, the Facebook thumbnail will end up displaying the pixels you want shown on every post and comment you make.

Facebook Thumbnail Alternatives

If you still can’t edit your Facebook thumbnail to your liking, you do have a few other options. First, you can upload a square photo instead of a rectangular photo (which is what most businesses do these days), which will take out most complications when focusing on a particular part of the picture. You can also make a totally different image for the photo that is already optimized for use on Facebook. But you’ll probably find that making a Facebook thumbnail that works well isn’t too hard.

Also, you could hire someone to create a professional-looking Facebook thumbnail for you. Although this isn’t necessary, it’s still an option, especially if you have no interest in becoming a graphics guru.

Your Facebook thumbnail isn’t the number one most important aspect of your social media presence, but it sure does help when people see a nice photo on every post and comment. The more professional your overall appearance, the better, especially when it comes to making a good first impression online.

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