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Facebook Profile or Page: Which One Works for You?

Facebook profile or page – that is the choice many businesses, Facebook profile or pageboth online and offline have to make when they create a Facebook account. But if you don’t know the purpose of each – and each of their limitations as well – then picking the right choice becomes more difficult. Plus, with Facebook, it’s hard to “undo” an account, as you can’t delete it once you make it. But we’ll talk about that in a few moments.

So to answer the issue of Facebook profile or page, it’s not always a cut and dried as it might seem. Both give you benefits that the other doesn’t supply. In the end, you can sometimes choose both, but if you’re not into social media, or you don’t have time to really dedicate to both, it can be overkill. Your efforts are sometimes better used when directed into one stream.

Facebook Profile or Page: Benefits of a Profile

When you set up a business profile on Facebook, you are able to manage several different pages from one location. Or, you can just manage one. Of course, you can do this with a personal profile as well as a business one, but this way, you can keep your business profile separate from your personal one.

With a business profile, you can use Facebook as you would ordinarily with a personal profile. You can make friends and interact with them, but you don’t have to follow their feeds in order to friend them back. You also don’t have the ability to chat with them either. This way, you stick to business and don’t get sidetracked while you work on getting down to business. You can also post a banner across the top of the profile, unlike on a page, where you have to rotate your most recent five wall pictures.

Facebook Profile or Page: Benefits of a Page

With a fan page, you have less interaction functionality with fans, but you have more right to broadcast promotional messages than what your “friends” would think appropriate on a business profile. For instance, if you “friend” someone on a business profile, they don’t want a bunch of promotional messages coming down the pike. On the other hand, with a page, your fans and followers are practically expecting to get sold on something or read promotional status updates. If they like you enough, they won’t mind. Just don’t forget to mix in a few non-promotional statuses here and there to ensure your fans don’t feel too “sold.”

Unfortunately with pages, you can’t very well control how your photos turn out on your display. You can rectify this by placing a different tab as your home page and letting guests view your photos in the Photos tab. You can also upload five photos that rotate between each other that can stand alone but still promote what your page is trying to get across.

So, Facebook profile or page? The end choice is up to you. Facebook profile or page options will each give you very similar functionality, so even if you accidentally pick one over the other, you will still reap benefits.

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