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Ever Thought You Could Make it Offline?

There are a few ways you can make the transition from online to offline with your marketing, and again there are fewer making_it_offlinestill that are cost effective. Lets say you were in the job seeking niche, and you have a landing page that converts very well from online marketing – but it’s costing you an arm and a leg in pay per click costs.

You would be just as well taking a few weeks off from marketing via PPC, and using that money to put into offline advertising.

With just as much creative knowledge, you can put together a marketing campaign, and the budget would be the same – if you did it right.

With the job seeking niche as our example, let’s take a look at how we can take it offline. You are going to have to think a little out of the box here, but there will be scenarios where you could put a physical poster or flyer up, and it would get a lot of traffic. But do you have the time to do this?

On the internet there are a few place you could go to get this service done cheaply. The first place that springs to mind is Fiverr.com where people will post up to thirty flyers, or hand them out at colleges and universities for just five dollars. This is a pretty good deal, if you have a conversion that can handle it. Let’s say you have a CPA campaign going, which pays up to $10 for a free registration on a Freelance site. You only need one person signing up to make the campaign pay for itself.

Besides Fiverr.com, there are ways you could take this to outsourcing websites like Freelancer.com, and Guru etc., where there are numerous individuals who are professional and prompt. The possibilities and niches are endless too. Think of the possibilities with the dating niche for example? With some cheap printing, you could have a campaign ready in a couple of days. By using reputable people (based on previous reviews) you could be advertising in the real world very quickly, and be converting at over 100% ROI too. Again, you would need reputable outsourcers, but there are groups of freelancers on these sites that already provide offline services, and they have great reputations. Although this all can be done on a small scale, if you are able to upscale this with the assistance of the freelancers, you could be looking at a better return than traditional online advertising.

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