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Engaging Your Audience in Social Media

Audience engagement is crucial in your social media.engaging your audience And that’s not just on your Facebook and Twitter profiles – it’s everywhere you have an internet presence where customers or clients can rate you, comment on your profile, “like” you or pass on what you have to say. Things like Google Plus and Google Plus Pages are beginning to take more precedence in the online marketplace, even though not too many people actually like using these entities in place of Facebook as Google originally desired.

Going back to the idea of engaging your audience on your social media platforms, you must realize that there are varied ways of looking at how often and in what ways you should interact with your followers. There’s a fine line between commenting after their comments on one of your wall posts and commenting as your store or website on one of THEIR wall posts…. it tends to freak people out unless they know you or are accustomed to interacting with you online.

Engaging Your Audience on Facebook

It’s easy to post just anything on your Facebook wall, but making it meaningful, relevant, entertaining, informative and engaging is sometimes a bit of a reach. You don’t have to attain all of these elements in each and every post, but your post should at least hit on one each time.

For example, if you want to put up one of those cat funnies you see floating around on the internet, that would fall into the category of entertaining, but if it featured a cat on a computer, and if your page happens to be technology related, it makes the post somewhat relevant as well. It turns into engaging if your audience finds it funny enough to leave a comment.

While we’re on the subject of leaving comments, it’s important to note that audience engagement includes both “liking” a status and commenting. If the audience just “likes” your post, you’re doing well, but if they comment on a status, you’re doing even better, because now you really have their attention. Facebook will notify them if you reply to their post, which means they will likely return to your page again.

Engaging Your Audience on Other Social Media

Anywhere that your customers can write reviews or give ratings, such as Yelp or Google, you are generally allowed to claim your page and reply to them as the owner. Yes, it’s a bit of a process, but it’s well worth it if you want to keep someone else from beating you to it, like your competition.

Engaging with your audience on sites like these includes replying to both negative and positive posts. If someone bashes your website, try to figure out why by using the context of their rant, then do what you can to win them back over. Maybe offer them 25% off on their next purchase. But don’t neglect the positive reviews. Just like little kids, reviewers love positive feedback on their own positive feedback. So don’t forget to thank your reviewers for engaging on your social media pages with a blurb of appreciation.

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