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Engaging with your Visitors Live…

engagingThe problem with your website right now, whether it is a blog that sells eBooks, or an affiliate marketing blog, is most probably that it does not interact with its visitors enough. Think back to the last time you purchased something online… just like your visitors, you go through a buying process.

You visit the website after reviewing the product on a few sites, you get into a buying mood, and then you might hit the live chat button to double check a few things with the support team or the owner . Then you purchased. Does your website have this?

Naturally we sometimes go into salesman mode when we build our sites, and we forget to put ourselves in their shoes. This is the key to making any successful site. You put yourself in the visitors’ shoes, and also remember what you saw, felt and did the last time you purchased online.

One thing which helps your site sell to people immediately is live chat. If you can offer support to your possible clients the second they need it, then you are automatically putting yourself out for them – and therefore offering a value added experience. They are more likely to purchase if they just spoke with the owner of the site, right?

There are a few solutions, and there are some fairly cheap paid versions of live chat scripts. The best one for WordPress is LiveHelpNow, which is a great plugin to start with on your blog. As the majority of people now have a blog, or can set one up at least, a simple plugin based solution is the wisest choice. This is fairly seamless, because you install a plugin, and then input your LiveHelpNow details. You can find more info here : http://www.livehelpnow.net/n/support/live-chat-widget-wordpress.aspx

Another fairly cheap and flexible solution is Olark. http://www.olark.com/plans Whilst being compatible with WordPress, this is more a mainstream product.

With these two live help products alone you can begin engaging with your visitors, and instead of letting the website do the work (and sometimes falling short) you can get involved and be a lot closer to a sale after just a few minutes chatting with these visitors.

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