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Email Marketing and Routines

mailThe most successful email marketing methods are ones that tap into a persons daily or weekly habits.

If a person gets into a routine of seeing and reading your articles, then if you provide a call to action (which is another way of saying click this link), then they are more likely to actually do it.

To get an idea for this kind of email marketing, simply sit down and think of the things you do every day at a specific time. The easy ones are your morning coffee or tea, or your last hour at the PC spent deleting actioned emails. Whatever it is, you can tap into that in other people. When you have a list of email subscribers, you just need to get content to them that they enjoy.

That is the key factor.

What you should do is actually title your emails differently. You do not want to be selling anything in these emails. This is just conversational content. So if you were sending out emails for people to read whilst they were sipping their morning coffee, you could title the email “Morning Coffee News Roundup”. Every night before you log off your PC, you could simply visit a news website that rounds up all the next morning’s headlines. Write a few words about it – your opinion, or just a general overview of the piece. Now, ensure you don’t put the full article in the email. Leave some for the email reader to click and go through to your site. They will visit, and read the rest of the article, finish their coffee, and then go to work.

This is a very powerful thing that you are doing. Firstly, you are getting into a routine of a person. They are also creating a routine in reading and clicking through to your site. Now, what do you suppose they will do when they see an email with a call to action about an IM product they are interested in?

You can think of lots of routines that people have, and try to tap into them. Weekly or daily emails like this really pay off, and are more conversational than anything else – which people really buy into.

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