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Email Broadcasting: What to Do with Your List

Email broadcasting is taking your email listemail broadcasting and sending out an email blast to them. Broadcasting is when you prepare a message for them and send it out all at once for a specific purpose. Usually broadcasting is for keeping up with regular emails, special announcements, exclusive deals and other time-sensitive materials.

Email broadcasting can also keep your list up to date with developments on your website. Some email broadcasting is for the purpose of combining several blog post highlights in a newsletter and linking to the full article on your site. This serves two purposes. First, it encourages your audience to open an email and respond to getting your name in front of them. Second, it drives traffic to your website, keeping your site afloat in search.

Email Broadcasting: What to Say to Your Following

Email broadcasting on a regular basis will eventually make you feel – and sound – like a broken record. Truth be told, it’s tough to come up with fresh content all on your own. Some internet marketers cop-out of this part by hiring someone else to write their emails for them, and it’s a valid solution if you’re really making enough money to make it worth your while.

But if you’re not ballin’ just yet, perhaps you should explore some do it yourself options for email broadcasting that are not only free but also effective besides.

Email Broadcasting: Ideas for Your List

Your email broadcasting list will get bored quickly, trust me. They’ll get all excited and read the first couple of blasts, but after the third or fourth one, they’ll lose interest and hit the “delete” button as soon as your email hits their inboxes. They probably don’t mean any offense, but they just get bored with your email broadcasting or don’t glean much from what you send them.

Here’s how to rectify that. Start following other internet marketers in your industry who do the same thing you do in your niche, only on a larger scale. Try to pattern your email broadcasting after theirs. Don’t copy, and don’t plagiarize, mind you, but you can learn from their patterns. How often do they advertise, versus how often do they send out helpful emails? What do the helpful emails include? Is it just a tip worth 100 words? Or is it a full-blown guide?

You can even combine your email broadcasting efforts and put them into an ebook to sell. So think of it this way: anything you send out in an email broadcast should be good enough to put in a book someday. If it’s not, you probably shouldn’t put it in the broadcast as part of an “informational” tactic. Now advertisements and one-off emails are a different story. But for the most part, you should be comfortable with those outside of your list seeing it as well.

Email broadcasting isn’t difficult if you break it down into easy to complete steps. It’s when you over think your email broadcasting that it becomes a challenge.

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