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Effective and Innovative Marketing Tools

Marketing is one of those areas where, in order to be effective, you need to keep up with the developing trends and technology. The reason behind this is that some of the newest technologies can be extremely effective marketing tools and to miss out on a way to reach a target market and to attract business can be instantly detrimental to your brand and business.

The problem with keeping up with new technology though is that it can be difficult to track and often hard to find. To help you keep up with the trends for 2015, below is an overview of the most innovative marketing tools that most brands are expected to take advantage of this year.

Utilizing one or a few of these marketing tools can put you in a position to gain better business opportunities and a higher customer base, ultimately helping you attain the success that you are looking for.

Electronic Billboards

Traditional billboards are truly a thing of the past. These days, there is very little interesting about a billboard that shows one image on a constant and continuous basis. These types of billboards are also prone to more damage than alternative options. One truly amazing technological advance in terms of billboards is the electronic billboard.

An electronic billboard utilizes technology to switch images on a billboard. Therefore, every time a driver passes by the billboard, they are encountered with something new and interesting rather than the old image in its place.

Another benefit of electronic billboards is that those who view these billboards are expecting to see a new image every time they drive by. This means that viewers are far more attentive when encountering the billboard that your content is featured on. The more attentive viewers are, the higher the chance that the content on the billboard is going to be effective and lead to the desired result.

Finally, electronic billboards are highly customizable and can be used to display any time of marketing campaign that you are considering. With this capability, you can easily reach your target audience through the content you display.

Little Bird

Most people, no matter what field they are in, realize how imperative it is to network and connect with people. The same really holds true when it comes to marketing. On the same token, it can be a major challenge to find a way to connect with the right people, especially if you aren’t very good at networking.

Little Bird is your solution to this problem and it is a tool that any marketing professional should have in their arsenal. Little Bird is an innovative marketing tool that allows you to connect with leaders in certain industries that can help strategically promote your brand. Their ability to recognize the right target market and to help you to also connect with others who may be interested in your brand can lead you to the growth and success that you are looking for.

An additional benefit of this marketing tool is that it will regularly send you newsletters about people in the industry that you should connect to, but haven’t yet. Taking advantage of this type of help is what can push your brand into an area of more exposure and recognition. With Little Bird, you’ll be able to promote your brand more easily and encourage the results that you are looking for.

Beyond Verbal

Another popular marketing technology that is highly worth investing in is Beyond Verbal. Marketing goes beyond developing positive customer support strategies that retain old customers and gain new customers. The best marketing is going to try and develop way to keep all customers happy and increase the chance that they’ll recommend the brand to their friends and family.

The type of technology that does this is the marketing tool known as Beyond Verbal. Beyond Verbal mainly works in the telecommunication sector of marketing. It’s beauty is that it is able to determine when customers are becoming displeased while waiting for a service argent or when customers are likely to purchase a product or not when they speak to someone from the brand.

This type of technology aims to essentially “read the mind” of the potential customer and help the brand get their business and ensure customer satisfaction. With this type of marketing tool, you won’t need to worry about the hassle of losing customers and developing other, more complex customer retention strategies.

With Beyond Verbal, you can let technology do all the work for you will you sit back and relax and view the effective and accurate results that the technology provides you. With these results, you’ll be able to alter existing strategies for long term success and effectiveness.

Online Retail Promotions

Online marketing is extremely powerful if you know how to use it right. While this isn’t really a marketing gadget, it is an innovative solution to making your marketing strategy more wide reaching and effective. Rather than rely on only online ads, customer service, and marketing technologies, you should also seriously consider implementing online retail promotions.

Online retail promotions are a prime way to attract business to your website. Not only will potential customers purchase the products that are being promoted, but they also will most likely purchase other products that cost more.

Furthermore, online retail promotions not only strengthen revenue and lead to more business, but they also help attract more people that are looking for better deals and discounts. If you are able to provide excellent customer service and put effort into retaining these new customers, you can further enhance the effectiveness of your online retail promotion strategy.

Post Planner

More and more brands are smartly taking to social media in order to promote their brand, get their products out there, and to engage with more customers via online channels. However, the entire system of posting posts on social media accounts can be time consuming. Moreover, it isn’t uncommon for brand managers to forget a few posts here and there.

These forgotten posts have a greater affect than some people initially might think. By missing a post time that is the busiest time of day, your brand is losing out on a high level of customer engagement and activity. And, because friends of customers are able to see the comments and posts that their friends make on your social media page, your brand is also locking itself out of more people within a market.

Instead of running into problems when it comes to social media marketing, one company has decided to revolutionize how brands keep up with their social media activity. Post Planner enables marketers to plan exactly what they want to post, designate which website the post goes to, and have the program get the job done.

With this system, you won’t need to worry about missing a post or failing to come up with the proper content for the page. The program takes care of everything for you. All you need to do is write the content and inform the program when you want the post to be uploaded.

After the post is uploaded, you can allow the activity to take place and comment as needed. Keeping up with customer engagement is extremely helpful in growing your brand.

Blue Yeti Microphone

One marketing strategy that many marketers fail to take advantage of is podcasts. Podcasts are useful because they can be listed to by customers at their own convenience. Also, depending on what information is discussed in the podcast, customers may be more prone to listening in when.

By using a podcast, you can also use the system to not only relay information to your customers, but you can also use it to promote new products and promotions that the brand is offering. The new information is bound to catch on and interest those who listen to the podcast.

If you are also going to take the time to create a podcast, then you should also consider investing in a Blue Yeti Microphone. This item is the prime way to ensure that your brand’s podcasts are clear, crisp, and absolutely understandable.

Your customers won’t need to struggle to understand what you are saying and they won’t need to do any guesswork in terms of figuring out the message you are trying to relay. Therefore, with the microphone, you can solidify customer engagement and interest throughout the entire podcast.


Overall, choosing the right marketing tools for your brand can mean a lot in terms of how success your brand is. By taking advantage of the innovative and effective marketing tools listed above, you can enhance your marketing strategy, attract more customers, and retain the frequent buyers that already exist.

You also won’t need to worry about wasting time on marketing tools that are useless and not conductive towards the goals of your brand. Lastly, keep in mind that every marketing campaign is different and so is every brand. When choosing a strategy and tools to achieve that strategy, you also need to consider whether what you are doing is going to work for you.

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