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Easy Article Marketing (Part 2 of 2)


With all your content, you now need to start submitting these many articles to article directories. You can opt for software – or a website that provides article directory submission as a service.

These services are managed, and watched by the owners of the site, so you are relatively safe in the knowledge that your articles are being submitted carefully and properly. It is difficult to imagine life without software and bots, which take care of our every need with the click of a button. Obviously we have problems sometimes with software, and the gremlins inside them seem to want to put an end to your organized and fluid business model.

Software can be the solution to a large article submission project, though there are a lot of websites out there that will actually perform this task for you for a fee, as I mentioned. On the whole, you can usually weight up the pros and cons for your own business use, whether you are better off doing the submissions yourself using software, or trusting the intricacies of the process to a submission site. A quick search on Google will reveal some choices for “article directory submission”.

Now, I’m not about to leave this article here, and say that’s all you need to do… because it isn’t. The choice of article directories is just as important as the keywords you are using. You need to check on the website of the submission company, or with the software vendor that the articles you submit will go on directories that are syndicated by a number of other directories. This is what will create exponential backlinks. Also, you need to think about using certain “big syndication” words.

What I mean by that is, certain keywords will attract the attention of the site crawlers, and the bots that are always looking for articles to reproduce. If you are writing about “orthopedic shoes,” you may want to include keywords like “health,” “healthy” and such, so that the big article bots pick up those keywords, and assign you a nice little slot on a blog or directory somewhere.

The most helpful advice I can give, now you are at the point of submitting articles, is to use the best article writer you can afford, and to always check your progress with whatever service you are using for submission. Tracking your stats is very important, because if you really want to get ahead, you have to know what is working. Some directories may be better than others, and some “big syndication” keywords might work better than others. Tracking those stats will be your way forward, guaranteed.

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