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Down with Niche Keyword Brainstorming!

niche_keyword_brainstormingDo you hate brainstorming? It is a genuinely horrible feeling when you are sat staring at the PC screen, with relative calm, trying to think of the next niche to attack. I’ve covered some great niche finding methods on the blog in the past, and this one is just about the best brainstorming method you can use when you’re in a hurry.

Google, along with a few other search engines and shopping sites have a suggest feature. These features allow us to have keywords presented to us that may or may not be relevant. Some of the best irrelevant Google suggestions can be found here for those who are interested. The relevant suggestions get millions of clicks, because people are always in a hurry to find the information they require on the internet – you have to admit, it is a great feature that search engines are adopting.

The next logical step was to improve this function, so it encompassed all the best search engines and presented the best selection of suggested keywords for any given original keyword. To everyone’s delight, this happened, and is available for FREE over at http://soovle.com/

This website is very unique. It allows you to enter a keyword, and instantly you are given the top suggested keywords from all the most popular search facilities – and what’s more is, you can actually customize your results. Here is a quick and dirty method of utilizing these cool keywords, and how to use them for niche finding.

soovleGo to http://soovle.com/ and enter a very main niche, such as ‘acne’. You will instantly see all the possible suggestions from places like Ask, Answers.com, Google and more. You can customize this further on the right hand side of the page. Now, click once on a keyword that you like the sound of (one that can be turned into a buying keyword with some modification). I have chosen ‘acne medication’. After you click this keyword, it appears in the central search box.

You may have to press the space bar after the search term in this central box, just so it starts looking for suggestions again. Now, we have some more keywords to go at. A good one I spotted at this point was ‘proactive acne medication’. A fairly low volume search term, but great longevity on Google Insights, and easy to modify with LSI and build a great blog from. Even with 100 searches a month, you can use high value search terms with free trial CPA offers, or Adsense.

Try it yourself – but be warned, it gets very addictive!

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