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Don’t Let Your Content Go Stale

As a marketing manager, you’ve likely encountered days where you’ve spent hours trying to brainstorm new content for your next marketing campaign. If you’re like most marketing professionals, your final resort is to look online to see what your competitors are posting and to use that content as a way to spin your own.

While this may work for some time, this type of strategy does have its faults – and serious ones at that. Instead of spinning content and recycling ideas that already exist, you can come up with fresh content and if you promote it the right way, you’re bound to maintain success beyond that of your competitors in the same field.

Ask Your Readers What They Want to Read

The marketing profession is laden with surveys and research and for good reason. Through surveys and research, you can get a better idea of your target market, you can understand what they are looking for, and you can develop strategies to reach those desires. In terms of content, the same idea applies.

Instead of just writing about what you think your readers want to read, you should ask them about what they want to see when viewing your content. Conduct a promotional survey and for those who go through with the survey and you can reward them with a special offer from your brand.

Expand Upon Existing Content

While it certainly isn’t advisable to use old content, what you can do is build upon existing content. This means that you can add to content, improve the content, or write about the same content in a new and refreshing manner. If you really want to add pizazz, then you can even do a video promotion of the content and present it in an interesting and unique manner.

Current Events to Keep Content Current

As you may well know, it isn’t advisable to get involved in politics and difficult current events. What is a better option for your own content is to touch upon those issue that are of interest and relevant to your brand.

For example, if your brand is somehow tied to the environment, then you can write a blog post about an ecological success and express how well your brand relates to the environment and support in positive change in the world. By touching upon these current events and showing your support for positive news and change, you’ll be able to portray your brand in a more positive light.

Be Adventurous

If your brand is a start-up or a company that has a tendency to hire fresh and young faces, then you may want to be bit adventurous with your brand and write about it. For instance, if your brand is a sports brand, then have one of your team members partake in a sports event, write about, and explain how your products or services have helped him or her achieve their goals. By using personal accounts and by incorporating something fun and refreshing, you can turn your content into the type of promotional information that gives your brand that extra edge.


At the end of the day, while you may have numerous resources, your customers and viewers are your most important resource. One step that you can take using your customers is crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is the process of using your customers to follow and post or retweet something that you wrote regarding your brand.

Through this promotional effort, you’re not only getting your own customers engaged with your product, but you’re also helping your content gain visibility among individuals who may not be as familiar with your brand, thereby converting cold prospects into hot leads.

Bloggers to the Rescue

Sometimes, your own blog content is dry and uninteresting because it is either written by the same content team or it simply lacks a different perspective. In order to update your content and to present your product or service in a different light, you may want to employ the services of a blogger to blog about your brand. There are many different bloggers out there and it is extremely easy to find one that will suit the needs of your brand.

For example, if your brand is one that many women or housewives purchase or use, then you can use some popular female lifestyle bloggers to test use your product or service and then write a post about their positive experience. It really is that easy and it also spreads the word about your brand and the great things that it has to offer.

Know Your Industry

Knowing your industry is one of the most useful things that you can do for your brand and its content. By following your industry and the developing within it, you’ll be able to write about those changes and how it positively affects your brand.

In addition, for your brand users who are fans of your industry, the content will be as something completely worthwhile and interesting to read. As a result, you’ll not only gain viewership, but you also may get individuals to share your content on social media platforms, thus enhancing the visibility of your brand overall.

The Roundup Approach

Finally, if all else fails for now and you need to write content quickly, then the next post can be a roundup of your top ten blog posts or the favorite posts among readers. By doing a roundup, you not only get to write something new and interesting, but you also get to touch upon previous content that had some value and something interesting to offer the reader.


Overall, while coming up with content, your main goals are to write content that is going to be engaging, easy to read, fun, and interesting to the reader. In addition, you should always make sure that the content you write gives something of value to the reader because if it doesn’t, you can be sure that you won’t get the viewership that you’re looking for.


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