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Domain Name Purchase: How to Buy a Domain

A domain name purchase can be a dauntingdomain name purchase thing for some people. I know, because I just helped a friend buy his first domain the other day. He was familiar with other aspects of online marketing, but not in the sense of “internet marketing” as you all know it or “affiliate marketing.” So I was assigned with the task of helping him take baby steps to getting his domain up and running the way he wanted it to run. And let me tell you – I did most the work.

A domain name purchase entails much more than just going to godaddy.com and buying a domain. Not even the pretty picture of Danica Patrick makes all buying experiences easy, but if you know what you’re up against, you can more aptly plan how you want to go about it.

 What to Do Before Your Domain Name Purchase

Your domain name purchase takes a little pre-planning. Sure, some of the domains are only $10, but why waste the money when buying the wrong one? Doing  a little research will help you avoid spending more money or time on the project than necessary.

Here are the first things I do before buying a domain name. For starters, Google other websites like the one you want to create. Make note of their domain names and see if they’re something you can mimic. Secondly, determine if you want to “brand yourself” by picking a snazzy domain name, or if you’d rather pick a low-competition keyword phrase that will boost your chances of being seen in the search results.

Third, plug your desired domain name into the Google AdWords keyword extractor. This is obviously a little more helpful if you chose the “low-competition keyword phrase” option than the branding option, but still, you might as well give it a shot. Then plug it into Google itself to make sure it doesn’t bring up any shady-looking sites that might give yours a bad name just by name association alone.

Last but not least, your domain name purchase strategy should include looking for online coupons. There are many online coupon codes you can copy and paste into sites like GoDaddy to save a little money on the domain purchase or the hosting. And speaking of hosting, that’s the last thing you need to determine – do you need hosting? Chances are, if this is your first purchase, you do.

What to Do During Your Domain Name Purchase

While you’re filling out the online form fields during your domain name purchase, keep several things in mind. Double, triple and quadruple check the domain name spelling to make sure you didn’t misspell it and buy the wrong one. Secondly, pick the least expensive hosting you need. If you’re only hosting one domain, get economy hosting to avoid paying for extras you don’t need. Third, write down the details you used to buy the domain, as you will need to refer back to them if you ever need to call tech support about your domain name purchase.

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