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Digging For Diamonds


On the subject of keywords, one can argue that the more you have to optimize your page, the better. With a page just pasted in really good LSI keywords, and some main niche keywords, you will struggle to get no traffic. Lower competition and longer tail keywords make up a lot of a page’s traffic, so it’s always best to have as many variations as possible. Here’s a great tip for digging these LSI keywords up, that has you recycling results over and over for the keywords you want.

I spoke about Google AdWords’ great little tool for checking the “affinity” of a site, which basically means you can see all the other sites that people visit before & after the site you are looking at.

If you open up your AdWords account, and look at the Placement Tool and type in a keyword like “blogging”, you will see some cool sites pop up, like Technorati etc. Here’s where we will click on the little magnifying glass to find out more about the sites and their affinity with other sites. For this particular campaign, we will imagine we are going to pull together some “blogging for cash” keywords.

Let’s look through the list of sites for the keyword phrase “blogging” to see what jumps out as a good starting point. bloggingpro.com is a good example. When we click on the little magnifying glass, we see the site info for this website. https://www.google.com/adplanner/planning/site_profile?nh=true#siteDetails?identifier=bloggingpro.com

Now we scroll down, and check the affinity ratings of the other sites that are associated with bloggingpro.com. These sites are most visited by the visitors of bloggingpro.com. So if you were doing an AdWords campaign using placement advertising, you’d want to hit all these sites too. We use this principle here:

Make a list of the sites that have affinity with your chosen site…


Now, here’s where we will build our keyword list. We now enter these sites into the Google AdWords Keyword tool for the website URL checker. Entering these sites will pull out LOADS of blogging for money related keywords. The LSI alone will be awesome for your list, and you can easily incorporate them into articles, as they will be extremely related.

The sites you find using this method are usually put together by people who know what they are doing when it comes to keywords, therefore you will find some great keywords that have low competition.

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