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Devastatingly Simple Email Marketing Techniques that Grab your Readers Eyeballs and Forces Them to Read

Email MarketingViral email marketing is one of the most profitable and under-used forms of promoting your products and services. You can easily contact several thousands or even millions of new potential customers at one time and have them spread your e-mail message, promoting your business and generating income for you without even realizing they are doing so.

Understanding the dynamics of making such a viral email is crucial to success and there are a few things you’ve got to consider when creating an e-mail that may spread like wildfire.

Viral Email Marketing Techniques

The methodologies you use in your viral email marketing campaign depend largely on your business aims. Usually, the goals of an internet marketer when sending out emails to the people in their mailing list is to inform them about a particular product or to give them specific important information. A subset of this goal is to force them to forward the message or email to friends in their email list, therefore spreading the word about your line of products.

Why would your prospects forward the e-mail they receive? The key here is to send them emails that are valuable and interesting. If not, then it is more likely they will instantly delete it and you will not make much money at all. One effective way to increase your potential viral marketing is to consider how much value you are offering and how entertaining the content of your e-mail message is in the eyes of your reader. Just because it is informational does not necessarily mean your email message needs to be dull. Learn how to inject some creativity into it or something amusing.

With proper use of helpful or somewhat humorous content, you will most likely force folks in your mailing list to read your emails and forward them to folks who might benefit from it. Before doing this though, you need to make sure you have a “Seed” list that you can send your potential viral emails to. The techniques you use must also be focused, so that the people in your mailing list are most likely to respond to your viral email marketing campaign.

The Importance of a Solid Subject Line of a Viral Email

Before you create a viral email you have to have a devastatingly eye-ball grabbing title. The title line is the first thing that a person sees whenever they open their mail box. There are only two options for them, either click the email to open it or delete it. Therefore, it’s vital that you convince them to do the former.

One technique is to keep your subject line interesting, incite curiosity or what we call in copywriting “The Reason Why.” Using the old ‘Open Me’ or ‘Read Me’ approach is quickly becoming ineffective. This is very lazy and it is one of the fastest ways to get your email deleted. Try to keep your subject line short but snappy and relevant to your customer’s needs. If you have a list filled with entrepreneurs you likely would not be mailing them about “Weight Loss” or “Mustang Parts and Accessories.”

Content of a Viral Email

To create viral content you need to hit the emotional triggers of your target market. Remember, people have a short attention span and you want to feed them the data they need within the shortest time possible. If you find the message is way too long, but all the parts are too important to omit, consider sending them in parts. This is also an effective way to maintain the reader’s interest. The aim here is to get your readers to be engaged with the content and then take action by clicking the links contained in the emails.

So make sure that your weave your content that leads them down the email to take action. Pre-sell them with value, entertain them with humor or a compelling reason and then actually encourage them to tell their friends. Another powerful way to make your readers respond is to reward them for telling their friends by offering them a bonus for doing so.

Timing or Frequency in Sending Out Viral Emails

Here is another important component for a good viral email marketing campaign. If you have set the schedule for the broadcast of your viral email messages using an autoresponder, make sure to limit the quantity of emails you send the people in your mailing list. Ideally, you should not send out emails more than 3 times a week.

Any more than that and you risk overloading your prospects and you will probably lose subscribers hand over fist. So, next time you send out an email, make sure that you inject extra value.Give a reason why your reader should send the email to other contacts that would benefit from your promotion.

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