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Posted by Linda Lou S on 27 March 2017 02:02 PM

Support Center Hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST/PDT)

For faster results you can find most of the answers to your questions here.

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If you are having issue with New PB 2.0 Members Area Menu and receiving
"Oops This Content is Not Accessible"

Please do not ask us to purchase at the launch price, we cannot revert back to that price point...

Please take the time to read the following before submitting your ticket, it will speed up the support process for you during our working hours and help you with issues you might have when we are away. Although we generally answer tickets quickly durning normal work days ticket turn around time during product launches can be 12-72 hours.

If you are experiencing issues with your plugin please check these common trouble shooting steps first. These steps are "tried and tested" to solve 99% of any issue you may experience; these aren't things we can do for you and are steps only you as a webmaster can and should perform.

What we do and do not support:

1. Our plugins, themes, and/or services.
Although our plugins will work with most 3rd party themes and plugins there are thousands available so we cannot guarantee every one will work and as such we do not provide support for 3rd party themes or plugins. If you think there is a conflict check #3 on the common trouble shooting steps page; you may also need to contact support for the theme or plugin you are using.

2. Our products "as built".
We do not provide customizations or CSS style adjustments. However, this link or this one may help you. Or, you might consider hiring someone from Fiverr, Upwork, or another job board of your choice to assist you.

3. Activation of your license and/or member's area.
With exception of EZPopups, we do not send emails with download information or usernames/passwords to gain access. To create your member's area log in to your JVZoo or Clickbank account within 60 minutes of your purchase and follow the product purchase button or link to register your account, once you have created your member's area you will find the tutorials and your downloads. If you experience an issue with the registration form please submit a ticket. If you have issue with Sellosity please try Chrome browser. New Profit Builder Member's area login.

If you have plugin activation issues after installing to your WordPress website please follow all of the instructions here as most activation failures are generally always due to hosting platforms timing out when connecting to our license server. This link may also be of some help.

4. Plugin updates as determined by our development team. When WordPress releases a major update please follow the instructions we provide to avoid issues when updating WordPress, follow these instructions...

5. When we aren't available you can find answers to most of your questions through our support knowledge base here.

6. Other important questions you may have:

Why aren't my tickets being answered?

How can I speed up my support process?  

Can I hire you to build or work on my website? 

I joined Inner Circle, how do I access the member's area?

Where do I login to get my downloads and activation codes?  

What hosts do you recommend?  

My site is really slow, what can I do?  

What is my plugin's current version? 

What are your other support policies? 

I have other questions, where can I find the answers? 

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone "WHO YELLS AT US" (typing in all caps), swears at us, or demeans us in any way and should you do so you may lose access to your plugin members area without notice, be banned from purchasing other products or services from us, have your email and IP addresses banned from our entire system, and have your email addresses marked as spam in our support center.

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