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Creating Successful Conversions, One Lead at a Time

The way consumers make purchases have changed, marketers need to uncover new ways to reach potential buyers and shine brighter than competitors. Businesses can’t rely solely on email blasts and mass advertising campaigns, marketers need to focus more on being discovered and learn how to nurture ongoing relationships with active leads.

A primary goal for all business marketers is to generate successful leads that create conversions. This vital task can be achieved through such methods as advertising seminars, events or online efforts. Gathering new leads is one of the most important ways to boost business. However, if your sales team fails to follow up on leads, then all your time and hard work were wasted.

Marketing professionals measure digital success through online leads. This refers to anyone who completes a website form or takes the time to download a white paper. It may take quite a while to achieve this goal. It is common for users to take weeks, even months to perform the desired actions. People tend to lose interest at lightning speed.

Most leads will not convert into sales automatically. Only a few may instantly shift through your conversion funnel. The majority will need additional help to push the process along.

The following eight tips will help your business create successful conversions, one lead at a time.

Offer Enticing Incentives

Everyone loves to receive free stuff. Gift offers or time sensitive promotions are a great way to encourage leads to move forward toward conversion. The deal doesn’t have to be a ridiculous discount and the freebie doesn’t need to have a significant monetary value. Typical consumers just can’t pass up the opportunity to save money or to snag something free. “Limited-time only” or “buy one, get one free” are powerful words.

Ask Leads to Make the Sale

This may sound like an odd strategy, or just too forward of a request, but it makes a lot of sense. Most businesses just won’t do it. Come right out and ask your leads if they are ready to buy and note how many will favorably reply. The reason they became a lead in the first place is because they took interest in what you offer. If you are not bold enough to request the sale, rest assured, a competitor will be.

Demonstrate the Positive Return on Investment

If your business offers products or services that will provide a potential return on investment, make sure your leads are aware of all the whys and hows, and make sure to remind them often. They should also know how you can improve their lives or solve a problem. Continuously, reminding them that you are offering solutions will help move leads in the direction of conversion.

Create a Thorough FAQ Section on Your Website

It is common for leads to choose not to buy because they have unanswered questions. Make it easy for consumers to find the information they need to make an educated purchase. Provide answers to common product or service questions and post the FAQ in a prominent location on your website. Have a discussion with customer service reps and members of your sales team to compile a list frequently asked questions and common concerns. Research FAQ pages on competitor sites or reviews those for search engines like Google or Hulu.

Establish Set Time Frames

Some prospects in your marketing funnel won’t automatically convert, not without a little nudging, other unresponsive leads will never convert to customers. One way to handle this dilemma is to establish a no communication deadline to eliminate stale leads. An example, “Since we have not heard from you in 30 days, this will be our last attempt to the connection. Please contact us anytime to resolve any concerns.” This type of communication often sparks a reaction, and if not, you then know for sure there is no point in further pursuing this lead.

Send Quick Follow-up

A simple follow-up call or email message checking in, asking if they have any further questions or concerns may push leads into making a purchase. This method can be very effective at converting leads into sales without wasting a lot of time. It is good practice to contact leads immediately after they are generated through the site and to follow-up again several days later offering to address any potential questions. This quick and easy task will seal the deal for a multitude of leads in just about any industry.

Develop Outstanding Email Marketing

Email is now a key component of any marketing campaign. If you are sharing new content, hosting a business event, promoting a new product or service, or keeping in touch with customers or leads, email marketing should be a primary source of communication.

Always keep in mind, your leads are not only being marketed by you, competitors are also working hard to make a lucrative connection. To stay on top of the game, you need to make sure all your email marketing efforts stand out above the rest. Your leads are most likely being bombarded with overly promotional messages flooding their inboxes daily. Most of these emails probably end up in either the spam or the trash folder. Some fun ways to show why your company emails are worth reading include adding interesting facts about your business or your surrounding local area. The content should be engaging and well written, not pushy. Overly aggressive sales letter only push people away and end up not being read. The most creative and cleverly-written emails will grab the reader’s attention and make our business memorable.

Communicate with Your Leads

Generally, if you ask the necessary questions, your leads will reply. For instance, you may ask something like, “We haven’t heard from you in over a week. Did you receive the materials you requested? Have you gotten the opportunity to review the materials and decide on a program?” By introducing a low-key set of questions, you can apply some pressure while opening the lines of communication. Through this dialogue, you may uncover additional questions or concerns that can be promptly addressed.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for Creating Successful Conversions that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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