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Creating a Product (Made Easy)


One problem many of my readers and clients have, is having the ability to create a brand new product that they can give away free on their blog. I’ve touched on this a few times, but I’d just like to give a better overview, of how you can build a product (eBook or digital guide) in just a few minutes/hours depending on your level of ability. The best way to look at this, is that the time you invest in this product creation, will be rewarded for as long as you provide the product to your clients.

The first thing we will talk about is the actual format of the product. You don’t have to turn it into a beautiful digital masterpiece for it to appeal to your visitors. You just need to make it somewhat presentable, in a readily viewable format such as PDF.

You can create a PDF quite easily, either online, or on your desktop. Create the product itself using a program like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, and then convert it using your preferred means. Online, there are options like Zamzar which is okay if you’re creating one document. In desktop format, you are much better off with a program like OpenOffice Writer which lets you convert any document you create into a PDF file, which includes links too!

Once you have decided on the best format to create, you need to decide on the form of delivery. Usually you will want an autoresponder like AWeber to handle this, because you want to capture the emails of the people that are downloading the eBook (that’s the primary goal here).

The next part of course is the content. There is a very, very simple way to do this, and all types of marketer can do it. Simply head over to Yahoo! Answers, and find as many questions in your niche as possible. Then, changing the wording slightly, create as many pages as you can for your eBook. Simple! The reason this format works best, is most of the people downloading the eBook will have asked the same questions, or will eventually have those questions, because Yahoo has such a broad dimension of queries and niches.

If this is much too laborious (and it can be), then why not pay someone a small amount of money to do it for you? You can find a lot of Microworkers online willing to find questions and rewrite them for a tiny amount.

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