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Create an Email Blast to Increase Sales

Create an email blast to market your monthly promotionCreate an email blast, product launch or new website. An email blast, which is something you can launch either with internal software or with an internet subscription, takes a lot of hard work out of your part and makes it easy for you to target specific groups of customers.

If you create an email blast for an old sales campaign, for instance, you can target customers who just recently signed up to your email list and aren’t yet used to the way you send out emails. The list you used a year ago might have seen this email more than once and not need to see it again, but a fresh crowd won’t know the difference, so you can market to them in this manner.

Create an Email Blast to Target Lists

Let’s talk about the types of lists you could target when you create an email blast. First, the more form fields you create in your email subscription form, the more filters you can add later and the more granular you can get in your marketing.

For instance, if you have an age box in your signup form, you could easily filter your messages by age brackets – for instance, 18-24 or 35-44. If you have a city or country field, you can filter by location. And so forth – you probably get the picture.

Create an Email Blast for Split Testing

You can send one email blast to one group of subscribers and a totally different one to another set. For instance, if you want to split test between mixed genders of 24-35 year olds, you can target one email blast to half of the subscribers in the filter and another email to the other half of the subscribers. This is basically equal split testing, and you can use a number of variables to fulfill your purpose.

During your split testing, you can use different subject lines, email openings, overall body text and calls to action to determine which one works better. If you only have a small list and an even smaller percentage of emails opened, it will be more difficult to determine if an email works or if you just can’t drum up enough interest within your list.

You should take the time to expand your email list before focusing too much on email blasts. The reason? Why bother spending time targeting an email list of only 50 people when by writing more content and publishing it online you could get another 500? Not only would you have more people to test on and sell to, you invest in your online content.

There is quite a bit of importance in trying to create an email blast for marketing your products, but understand that it can take hundreds – if not thousands – of subscribers before your blast really yields much in the line of results. But nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to create an email blast for grins and try it out so that when you do get more followers, you know how to send a blast.

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