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CPA Marketing: How to Successfully Market CPA Offers

CPA marketing involves different advertising tactics than product marketing.CPA Marketing CPA offers, short for Cost Per Action offers, differ in a key way from regular CPC marketing. Knowing this difference and being able to adjust your advertising techniques will help you succeed in the CPA field.

You’re marketing to a bit of a different crowd when you sponsor CPA programs. Unlike regular CPC campaigns that bounce to pages with copy that scrolls on and on forever, CPA campaigns take a little different approach. Ad copy for cost per action purposes is straight to the point. Sometimes the page doesn’t require any scrolling at all – it’s that short. That’s the beauty of putting together a CPA offer. But you need to know how to choose the right CPA marketing offer before you even get to that point, which is what we’ll discuss here.

Picking the Right Offers for CPA Marketing

Before you can properly advertise for a CPA marketing offer, you have to select an offer that will actually pay out. This is tricky, especially when you look at the dashboard on your CPA marketing network and see so many tempting offers.

Part of the problem with CPA marketing is that you tend to gravitate towards the programs with the highest payouts. You might see some offers that pay $25, $50, $75 or even $100 per lead! You start to think that if you could just acquire two or three leads per day, you’d have your living made!

But here’s the catch: Sometimes the companies that offer those payouts know they can offer that amount because you’ll never generate enough leads off of their program to cost them much money. Every once in a while you’ll hit upon one that has a high payout simply because their program does deliver, but those are more rare.

Common CPA Marketing Options

Oftentimes, your best CPA marketing option is to select a program that pays only $5 or $10 per CPA marketing lead but generates a lot of interest. For instance, dating sites and insurance leads often pay in this range.

There’s no guarantee that these will perform well simply because they’re low cost, however. For instance, you might see a Russian dating site that pays $4 per lead, but you’ll probably end up losing money on it because this niche is too scammy to convert into real cash. Sure, you’ll get a few here and there, but not enough to make it worth your while.

CPA marketing is often all about letting the brand do the marketing for you. If you pick a widely recognized brand for your leads, people will trust the company with their personal information. But if it’s a brand they’ve never heard of and the site looks like it was launched in the Czech Republic, then you’re probably taking a bigger risk.

Additionally, you need to factor in the cost per click of the CPA marketing niche you pick. Dating keywords are often pretty high, considering that there is so much competition. Insurance can be high as well. But if you pick keyword phrases that are long and less common, you might be able to find a CPA marketing niche you can compete in – and win.

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