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Copywriting Tips: Would You Click On It?


Copywriting is all about improving the bottom line of your business. Effective copy is written with one purpose in mind, conversions. That should be the central focus of web copy, which is often what turns visitors into leads, and finally, leads into customers. It guides consumers through each stage of the buying cycle, starting from first-time awareness on to decision-making and advocacy.

Poor copywriting is often highly visible to marketers. It isn’t well written, it lacks fluidity, it doesn’t read smoothly or stir the necessary emotions that influence buyer behaviors. There are no clear calls to action, therefore it comes off as having no purpose.

If you are having trouble eliciting more conversions with your written copy, consider trying some these copywriting tips to help boost your profits with fewer words.

Find Your Best Headline

The headline on your landing page is one of the most important pieces of copy on your site. It needs to be eye-catching and make the audience want to know more. Most copywriters fail to get it just right on the first try. Experiment with different ideas and use a/b testing to discover which headline is truly the most effective.

Focus on the Benefits, not the Features

You won’t succeed by focusing solely on selling a valuable feature of your product or service. Clearly, sellable features are necessary and great, but you should always gear your written copy toward fixing a problem or offering a solution. Show customers how your product can make their lives better because of what it can solve, not simply because of all the fun features it can offer.

Provide Valuable Statistics

Let consumers know how much better their lives will be once they purchase your product. Include a few relevant statistics in your web copy, that has been well researched. This tactic can prove to be very profitable when it comes to improving your conversion rate. People tend to trust data that has been gathered from scientific sources. They see it as tangible and credible.

Stick with Headline Formulas that Work

Referring back o your landing page headline, remember that many copywriters have experimented and learned what tactics work and which are ineffective regarding headline writing. You can save yourself a lot of time testing methods by utilizing headline formulas that have already been tested and proven.

For example:

[Number] + [Customer Identification Noun] + [Verb] + [Benefits] + [Product Name] = 1,501 Medium Companies Have Boosted 80% Growth in Online Leads with Smith Contract Template Software!

Test Your CTA Text

The standard call to action phrase or button, “Act Now”, or “While Supplies Last” work well for some pages, but they are not always effective for others. Sometimes, it is hard to find the call to action on a landing page. It might be necessary to do some testing to uncover the right text phrase for your site.

For example:

Start Developing Your Template vs Buy Now

Accentuate Power Words

Using clear and concise language will carry a lot of weight. Specific power words such as new, you and free stick out and are easy to grasp. Sometimes they pack a punch when left in lowercase letters. In other cases, they boost conversion rates when the words are capitalized.

Have a Conversation

Readers like to feel as if you are conversing with them, but most people don’t want to feel as if someone is talking to them the whole time. It is important to determine if your copy reads as if you talking to your audience, or holding a conversation with them.

Incorporate words like me, we, I, you, they, us, etc., in an informal tone, into your copywriting to create a more personal conversation with your readers.

Use Proper Punctuation

It is common for copywriters to get a little overzealous with their use of the exclamation point. Overusing something intended to emphasize or convey excitement gets old fast. Adding one at the end of every sentence won’t boost reader excitement or foster an emotional response. In fact, if every sentence is accentuated, It may have the opposite effect.

Use Comparison Tables

Comparison tables basically compare your products or services to that of your competitors. These vital tools highlight the pros of what you have to offer and the cons of opting for the other guy. For some unknown reason, comparison tables are very underused. Copywriters should be using comparison tables often to maximize conversions.

Include Testimonials and Case Studies

Customers often want to know how previous buyers have benefited from a mutual purchase. They want to know what was great about it and why they should follow suit. Social proof eases the minds of skeptical consumers. Although third-party statistics do have a place, if you can provide comments by a satisfied customer and put together a case study describing how users were able to solve problem A with your solution, you should see a phenomenal boost in conversions.

Dress Up Your Copy with Relevant Adjectives

It is possible to see your landing page conversation rate skyrocket by simply adding one incredibly compelling adjective to your copy. It sounds crazy, but it is not only a possibility, it has happened. Nailing the right adjectives will power-charge your copywriting. They have such an extraordinary impact on a lead’s psychology. It is possible to fully exaggerate the benefit of something or a price using the right adjectives.

For example:

Pay $10 vs. pay a small $10 fee

Scale Your Competition

Know the kind of web copy your direct online competitors are posting to their sites. Be aware of how they present their products or services to target consumers. Know what features they have and what benefits they claim to provide. Check out which CTAs they use and on which site page they place them.

Know Your Audience

More explicitly, find your customer pain points and discuss them in your copy. Learn why consumers choose your product or service, how they make the purchase, what problems are solved using it, and what is most important to them.

Consider these conversion-boosting tips the next time you write copy. If you implement them wisely you should see measurable improvement in our conversion rate in a very little time.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for copywriting that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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