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Maximize Your Copywriting Skills

One of the best ways to significantly improve your copywriting skills in any industry is to follow a checklist that can guide you through the process. With a checklist, you’re able to break down the process of creating compelling copy into manageable steps. Once that checklist is broken down into those manageable steps, you’re able to continually improve your checklist and overall writing system over time – which should always be your main goal. Let’s take a look at the steps that you should be following as you work to improve your copywriting skills and create copy that converts: Identify ...

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The 5 Step Sales Page For Killer Conversions

Let’s be honest. Copywriting can be hard! For the majority of online marketers, copywriting is an enigma; a complete and utter mystery. We can look at the sales pages of others and replicate it, but without truly knowing HOW and WHY it works, we’re probably just cheating ourselves out of conversions. So instead, we shell out ridiculous sums of money to copywriters in order to bring our sales copy to life. What makes these people so special? How do they know how to create such enticing content? What is their secret? Easy. They follow a basic strategy or template in ...

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social proof

The Subconscious Consumer: Using the Power of Social Proof to Boost Sales

There’s no question on whether online marketing works. Due to increased accessibility and advancements in technology, more people are turning to the online world to purchase information and goods. According to ComScore, US consumers spent over $42.75 billion between Black Friday, at the end of November, through December 22nd. Needless to say, more people are willing to shell out their hard earned cash online now more than ever before. That doesn’t mean that the same tactics that were successful just a few years ago will ultimately turn a profit today. Online marketing has changed drastically over the past decade alone. ...

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Infographics: A New Captivating Method for Building a Following

We’ve all used them; ebooks, reports, videos, etc.,  to offer something of value to our audience or to draw in new viewers all together.  However, the newest trend seems to be infographics.  An infographic is a way of presenting your information in a brief, yet visually appealing manner.  In case you’ve never seen an infographic before, here are a few examples http://visual.ly/.  They can entail anything that pertains to the topic at hand, but typically in a picture format that helps enhance the viewer’s ability to comprehend the information.  Though infographics have been around for quite some time, I’m going ...

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