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Controversy = Traffic

Controversy is a spark at the start of a viral fire that most bloggers don’t ever try to start. It can be difficult for people controversywho do not have any industry power to actually put their head above the parapet and say something damning or at least controversial about somebody or a product they released that was no good. Don’t ever be afraid to speak out against something you think is wrong, or put out a bad review on a product (if you genuinely did not rate it highly).

Controversy really does sell newspapers, magazines and airtime around the world, and the internet is no different. There’s ways and means of getting into a traffic swarm around a product, even though the publicity may be negative.

 For example, if you purchased an internet marketing course, and it was purported to be the be-all and end-all of internet marketing problems, but you actually receive very little information that is not available in the public domain, you have a right as a consumer to air your view, and you also have the perfect platform – the internet.

The best way to handle something like this is to honestly review the product, and then begin a viral push on the actual content. Go over to Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and places like this to ensure people are aware of the content. Make sure the title/headline stands out. When you buck a trend, you get noticed. For instance, a negative headline about a product will always stand out against the affiliate wannabes who are posting spam links on places like Reddit etc. When they click through, that’s when you need to switch them on to a product that they might be interested in, instead of the poor quality one they are reading about. This kind of tactic works perfectly in internet marketing, and retains more visitors than most other methods.

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