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Compulsive Ebook Buying: How to Break the Cycle

internet marketing guidesWhen you first get the tingle, and want to begin your adventure working online in Internet Marketing, you will begin to fill your hard drive with eBooks about marketing. You will enjoy it at first, and will possibly make a lot of progress in areas that you were not comfortable before.

 The Warrior Forum and Digital Point forums are of course great bastions for internet marketing learning material, and priced at low prices that are often just too tempting to pass up.

You will buy and download videos, PDF’s, and mindmaps, and read and study into the early hours… and then put that little bit of knowledge to work until – you go back to the very same forum and see another special offer that you just cannot pass up.

The cycle that you will eventually get yourself into can be pretty addictive. You will purchase guides and eBooks, and even sign up for the free eBooks from internet marketers (which in actual fact may put you on a mailing list, where you are upsold eBooks weekly), and then be back at the forums without possibly even trying the methods.

With the free guides and videos that you will find on this site, and many other sites, you have to do something… and also need to forget the phrase “Take Action!”. That phrase has been done to death, and you will ignore it just as much as a copyright notice. What you actually have to do, is start right at the beginning and examine what you really want to achieve.

The problem most people have, is they see an eBook, read glowing testimonials, and think “That sounds awesome!” and buy it. Wrong. Don’t buy an eBook and make it fit you, rather, find out what you really want to achieve in the short term, medium and long term – and then find eBooks by reputable internet marketers that fulfill those needs. You will soon realize that this is much more satisfying, and not at all detrimental to your growth.


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