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Capitalize on Google Video Advertising

Google knew they were on to a good thing with YouTube, and that’s why they paid the equivalent to a country’s nationalgoogle_video_platform debt to make sure they owned it. YouTube is a way of life now for most people, bringing us closer to millions of real people, and closer to fame than ever before.

It may be news to some people, but YouTube is not the only video platform that Google has (and I don’t mean Google videos either). In the AdWords theme, you are now able to rock and roll in minutes with a video advertising platform that sits right there with the display image ads we all know and love.

Videos put most people off, and this is just pure ignorance or fear, I can only assume. The skill set required to do most things online require just a few minutes learning, or just a few minutes clicking some buttons on a tool that does it all for you.

Google Video advertising allows you to capitalize in three ways. Here are two of them:

There’s the little text ads that sit in videos (which, if I’m honest, are a little annoying at times). The problem with these ads is they cover up the video just enough that it gets annoying, and you click it off. The content is more important than the ad, not displayed alongside it – which is really where it should sit. In fact Google also offer this as an option, though we don’t go into it here (I’ve written a post in the members section on this). If I were to advise someone about spending money on this seriously, then I’d not opt for the interstitial text ads unless a long marketing test phase would be undergone.

The other option, which is quite literally perfect for any type of business, is the option to actually display your full video ad, either ready playing or click-to-play.  Currently, I have heard a few bad things about “ready playing” videos, and would opt for the click-to-play method instead. For some reason, people are not enjoying noise coming from a web page they just landed on, and having to hunt for the offending item (missing part of the video in the process).

The great thing about using video with Google, is the coverage, and the research you can put in. Going out over the display network, your video can appear on some A-List sites, and really get your product or offer out there, in ways we thought impossible 5 years ago.

To find out more, head on over to http://adwords.google.com/support/aw/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=23274

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