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Can You Make Money Blogging Online?

Can you make money blogging? This is a question that a lot of people askCan you make money blogging, especially if they have just lost their job, need a second job, want something to help them through college or just want to make money writing about a hobby.

The answer is yes, you can make money blogging online. However, not just anyone can set up a blog and start raking in the cash. You need a blueprint, and most importantly, a way to distinguish yourself from the noise of all the other bloggers who have asked the same question and preceded you in creating a blog.

Can You Make Money Blogging About Your Hobbies?

Can you make money blogging about hobbies like pets, gardening, cooking or fishing? Quite honestly, unless your niche is so small that only a few people in the world even know it exists, you can make money blogging about nearly any subject. So yes, blogging about your hobbies – however uneventful they might seem – is often a great idea. Why?

Because if you like the subject you’re writing about, you’re more likely to stick to your blogging goals and not falter when you don’t see money coming in right away. Plus, you won’t have to spend time doing a lot of research about your niche because you have firsthand experience with it.

Do you want to know something that will greatly increase your chances of making a go of it while blogging? Add multimedia to your blog posts. Visitors love pictures, especially those that you took yourself. And no, you don’t need a fancy camera. All you really need is a camera on your phone to take a picture of yourself doing something with your hobby. Better yet, provide step by step how-to pictures accompanied by detailed instructions. How-to guides perform very well online.

Can You Make Money Blogging About Work?

You might find work very mundane. In a lot of cases, it is. But chances are, someone in the world would like to know more about how to do what you do. Are you a cashier at Wal-Mart? Blog about dealing with some of the bizarre clientele that you undoubtedly work with each week. Are you an accountant? Publish posts about how to figure out personal taxes, how to keep track of spending and how to live within one’s means.

You never really know what will stick until you try it. With blogging, you have very little to lose besides your time. If you believe it will take off before you even publish the first post, you might consider investing in a domain name and hosting so that you can host your own blog and have complete control over it. Otherwise, you can get your feet wet by signing up with a free blogging service like Blogger or WordPress. With Blogger, you can monetize your posts with Google AdSense ads. WordPress itself does not allow this, but if you use WordPress as your blogging platform on your own website, you can use AdSense plugins to install this function on your blog.

Hopefully this guide has answered your “can you make money blogging” question and has inspired you to start a blog of your own!

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