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Building Email Lists With Ease

email_list_buildingBuilding your list is pretty hard. They say the first thousand names are the hardest, and they are right. But why is it so difficult?

Well, mainly because when you are building your list in the early stages, you are not really clued up on the ways to expand it exponentially, and you tend to just sign people up to your list via your website, or off the back of your products.

There are certainly other ways to build your list, and one of those ways are with ad swaps.

Traditionally, you offer your product or service to somebody’s list, and in return, you send out an offer to your list. I say ‘traditionally’ because many people now use lots of different methods to build their list with ad swaps and JV’s, not just selling products cheaply, or offering a free ebook by mail. One of the most powerful ways to get your product out there, is with a 100% Commission JV.

What this does for you, is enable a joint venture partner to send out your product to their list, for a 100% commission. This means, every time your product sells, they get 100% of that commission. Why would you want to do this? Well, for one thing, its a major incentive. The list owner does not have to even do anything, and they are getting paid. This is an ideal scenario. What else it does, is enable you to get out to possibly much larger lists than you normally would – and then you start seeing the signups. You could possibly go out to a 50000 name list, and get a 10% response. That’s 5000 new names that would be jumping on to YOUR list. Yes, the list owner gets the money – but you get the names (which could be worth a LOT more over time).

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