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Building Authority


Authority sites are one of the most traffic hungry types of sites you can build. People will look at your site for details about specific topics, and then explore the rest of your site with haste, in search of further information on their topic.

To be honest, we’d all like to have an authority site on the niches we choose, but its not always possible. The main reason it’s not possible is because we get too hung up on the monetary side of things, and forget to deliver worthwhile content with no return.

A page that has nothing but information will probably get more bookmarks and repeat visits than a page that is mainly driven towards advertising a product associated with the niche. If you are looking to start a niche site any time soon, you may want to consider how to start an authority site, which just so happens to contain a little bit of advertising.

Making a site beneficial to people, so that they return to your site and bookmark you, should be one of your primary goals. The way to create an authority site is not much different to creating a niche site – there’s just extra work involved. Treat your authority site like a spider, which has a central area for overviews of information, and spider legs that jut off to further detailed information. This creates a great circular traffic “swarm” around the general subject on your site, and once they start clicking internal links on your site, the external (money) links will also start getting clicks.

So, to create an authority site, you really need to decide on the broad niche of your topic. Let’s take wine making as an example, and see how we can break that down into smaller chunks, which can be written about. Wine making is a lengthy process which involves many steps, and also has a relatively good upsell opportunity in that people interested can buy books or materials for learning. To create the authority site, you could start by giving quick snippet overviews in the main area of your site (who, what, where etc.) and then jut off to detailed explanations of the process, as well as all the many things involved in the process.

You could split the topic down into materials, processes, interviews etc. etc. You can do this for many niches and topics, but you should always think about how and where you will put the monetization links in. If you spread these throughout the site, it looks too much like a sales site, therefore people will not necessarily treat it as an authority site. By just including one page of advertised products, with all the internal pages linking to it, you will fare much better with visitors looking for information first, and products second.

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