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Build an Email List to Increase Sales

Build an email list to promote your website and make sales – that’s Build an email listwhat you hear all the internet marketing gurus tell you. But how do you start building your own list? And what’s so special about email marketing that makes it such a necessary addition to your business?

Knowing how to build an email list – and keeping it hot – is a marketing strategy that will serve your website well when you launch a new product or put one of your existing products on sale. Whether you plan to sell your on products or affiliate products – or both – is up to you; the strategies are very much the same in each instance.


Build an Email List: Choosing the List Platform

In order to build an email list, you need to sign up for some sort of email marketing software. There are a few popular options on the internet that provide this service either for a monthly or yearly fee or for free. Free services generally limit the amount of subscribers in your list and require you to upgrade if you surpass that number.

Email services help you build an email list and will provide you with subscription form templates and HTML or Javascript code that you can place on your site. Readers will input their names and email addresses into these forms to sign up for your e-letters. You can choose to be notified of new subscriptions by email, if you so desire.

The user control panel on the email service website will show you statistics for how many people read your e-letters. They will also show you how many click throughs to your links you received so you can gauge traffic and alter link placement accordingly. You’ll also be able to write and format your e-letter right on the control panel itself. This makes it easy to send out the email as soon as possible.

Build an Email List by Emailing at the Right Frequency

Once you sign up for a service, your next step is to develop a reader-worthy newletter. You should determine the frequency that you need to send out your letters so  as to keep your list hot. A “cold list” is one that you haven’t contacted in a while and is not likely to respond to or read your emails, much less purchase your product.

To stay on the safe side, you should email your list at least once each week. If the nature of your niche dictates that you email them more often, do so. For instance, niches like stock markets and news require up to date information that may require a daily e-letter. Some choose a middle road and email their list two or three times each week.

Trial and error testing come into play when building your list as well. Build an Email ListIf you see that readers are deleting daily emails, but read the weekly ones, send out only one per week.

Be sure to mix your promotional emails thoroughly with informational emails.Your readers will tire of reading promotions only, and will unsubscribe from your list. You need to provide them with enough value that they realize the importance of paying attention to what you have to say. Then, when you do send them a promotional product email, they’ll be more inclined to purchase from you.

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