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Brand Recognition for the Little Guy

billboardWith the many thousands of websites that proliferate the internet every day (every hour in fact) it would be silly to assume that when you create your first website, people are going to flock there within minutes of you posting your first article.

To get traffic, you need search engine rankings, or a back door method of making people want to visit your site. One method that has been discussed on forums recently is getting a lot of attention from all the right people. Whilst it is very good for brand and name recognition, it may not necessarily be good for getting targeted traffic right off the bat.

I’m speaking about PPV or Pay Per View marketing.

The most significant success with PPV has been with brand recognition, and when used with traditional advertising, it can be very good for your brand or name. One way it worked very well, and a good example, is for a free role playing game launched over a year ago. The game was published and marketed in traditional mean such as pay per click. Whilst this sent them a lot of traffic, it turned out to be very costly for the amount of conversions they made. The company, which shall remain nameless, then published another game, which was marketed differently. Firstly, they did a Worldwide, English

Speaking PPV campaign with a large advertising company who targeted the pop-under ads to the particular demographic. The PPV campaign consisted of a full screen or half screen graphic of the game, with a prelaunch spiel only a few sentences long, bullet pointing the features of the game. The ad itself was clickable, and led to a page where people could enter their details to be contacted when the game was officially released.

Following the PPV campaign, and the launch of the website, the publisher then took out a PPC advertising campaign, and advertised on forums, targeted communities, related websites and immediately started getting qualified traffic through. Not only that, the prelaunch traffic also came through in droves. Naturally, with brand recognition, due to the fact that people had been seeing the brand for months really helped. People were more inclined to click.

Large blue chip companies do not need to advertise on some of the sites the DO advertise on, but it helps with brand recognition. As soon as you are searching for a new cell phone for example, it will help that for the past few months you have seen a certain large company advertising on just about every entertainment site you have been visiting, or on your webmail page. Brand recognition can work for any company, and using cost effective PPV coupled with a traditional source of traffic like PPC, you will see a better ROI.

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