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Boring Blog: Best Cures for Blogging Boredom

Boring blog? Then you’ll find the cure for boring blog-itis in this guide. Boring blogSince no one – not even the search engines – want to read a boring blog, you need to get out of the slump fast once you slip into it so you don’t lose readers and interest.

We all know what it’s like to hit a road block in our blogs. After writing at least one post per day for days at a time, it’s human nature to reach a plateau. Not only does it get tough to formulate advice for readers out of thin air, but it gets tempting to repurpose material, which gets you sliding into some pretty gray areas of the SEO world. So before you slip that far, think about using one of these ideas instead.

Boring Blog? Try Reading More than Writing

A boring blog becomes a boring blog because you run out of fuel in your head to write about. So to fix that, it makes sense that you need more fuel intake. Borrow magazines and books on your niche from the library. Watch TV shows (like on Discovery or cooking channels) that even remotely tie into your niche. Pick just one idea from your media choice and work it around to be the theme of your next post. Since you’ll likely get more than one idea from a post, you should get enough content for at least a week’s worth of posts.

Next, go blog searching on the web. Seek out experts in your niche that you can safely go to for advice without worrying that you have to sift through what’s good and what’s not. Make a collection of about five blogs that you can visit whenever you’re bored. Better yet, read them on a regular basis, and you’ll have a steady stream of information from which to draw from when you start running dry on your own. Just don’t pick boring blogs, or that will be just as bad as your current boring blog problem!

Still Suffering from a Boring Blog?

It’s not always easy to shake Boring Blog syndrome, but it’s always possible. Try deviating a bit from your niche every once in a while to give yourself – and your readers – a break from the day-in, day-out routine. For instance, instead of writing about the latest and greatest tech gadget, do a piece on your five least favorite gadgets. Chances are, this will incite lots of comments from your visitors, which in and of itself might inspire your next few blog posts.

If your boring blog problem still isn’t fixed, perhaps it’s time to take a break from writing! Compile 20 pictures that relate to your niche, put them to royalty-free music and make a video out of them. Better yet, do a vlog of your own featuring yourself blabbing about whatever it is that you blab about in text. But it’s in video version, so Google will still love it. And that, boys and girls, is how you fix the problem of having a boring blog.

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