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Blogging to Make Money: How to Succeed as a Blogger

Blogging to make money sounds like an easy way to make a living. But more work goes into it than many people realize. There’s more to it thanblogging to make money just throwing a few blog posts on the site and placing Google AdSense code within the text.

Blogging experts like Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina weigh in on blogging to make money by giving advice in which monetization forms to choose and how to drive traffic to your blog without being so overtly commercial that you drive the traffic right back off your site. They each have slightly different methods with which they monetize their hugely popular blogs. But both agree on one key form of monetization: sponsored ads.

Blogging to Make Money: Monetizing with Sponsored Ads

There are several ad companies to choose between for monetizing your blog. In many cases, you can use more than one.

The most popular contextual ad source is undoubtedly Google AdSense. You’re probably familiar with these ads, even if you don’t know if just yet. These are the very same ads you see when you visit websites like ehow.com or associatedcontent.com. These ads are often drawn up based on the cookies on your computer’s hard drive. If you’ve been searching for hotels in Vegas, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll see an ad for Vegas hotels on the next site you browse, even if it has nothing to do with Vegas.

Some ads are actually relevant to the text they accompany. For example, if you’re visiting a blog about cars, you might see an ad selling tires or car wax. These are the same types of ads your blog visitors will see when reading your blog post. If they are relevant to their interests, they may be inclined to click on them. You’ll get paid each time someone clicks on these ads on your blog.

Blogging to Make Money: Getting Traffic

There are dozens of ways to get traffic when you’re blogging to make money. Most experts will impress upon you how important the almighty backlinks are. Backlinks are quality links from other sites to yours. These links tell search engines like Google that your blog is worthy of visiting; thus, your blog will appear higher in the search results when a visitor types in a search query related to your blog.

But before you can actually get the traffic, you need to blog often enough to make the blogging process worth your while. The key to a successful blog is blogging regularly, often and with an authority voice.

Visitors want to read a blog from someone they trust. If you give away free blog posts that offer quality information and advice on the topic they’re searching for, they’re more likely to visit your blog again and again. Blogging to make money is all about earning that rapport and gaining faithful followers. True, you want to win in the search engines too, but once you build a following, you won’t have to worry so much about the search results.

Blogging works best if you blog daily. If you can’t carve out 30 minutes each day to write a blog post, then blog regularly a couple times a week. Write posts that total at least 400 words, on average, otherwise it might appear that there are more ads on your site than actual content. Using this blogging to make money strategy will make a big difference in your blogging success.


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  1. I am more the Social Triggers persuasion, quality video blogs posts a couple times a week. However, gaining trust is easier if you have a video blog, I think, than writing articles.

    • Video blogs and video content are very engaging but slightly harder to syndicate. I actually love doing hybrids where you have a killer Youtube video and the full transcript as well. We will be doing more of that here on IMSC in the future once the new studio is built (currently tearing it apart) and there will be new IMSC TV episodes coming to the blog very soon. Thanks for the awesome feedback!

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