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Blogging Success: 10 Unconventional Tips to Build Your Business

Successful marketing isn’t about presenting a product to the masses in hopes that your initial message is enticing enough to generate a sale. There is so much more. Though having an outstanding product is a necessity, it is not the most influential factor in a winning business model.

As a marketer, there may not be a more powerful weapon in helping you establish your business than adding informative content for your target market to assimilate and share with others. People CRAVE fresh content. According to WordPress, over 409 million people view more than 12.9 billion pages each month on their platform alone (most of which are blog posts).

People love content, search engines love content, and your bank account will undoubtedly fall in love with generating fresh content as well.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Internet marketing is not like “Field of Dreams.” Just because you build it, does NOT mean that they will come. With over 173 million blogs identified, it is all too easy for a site (even one of high quality) to get lost among the massive shuffle.

There are, however, several worthwhile techniques that can not only build up your readership, but strongly influence the search engines as well. This is why I created a short segment I’d like to call, “Professional Blogging Success: 10 Unconventional Tips to Build Your Business” in order to help guide those that are seeking to gain an edge on the competition.

Writing Basics

Tip # 1 – Write for your audience first, and the search engines second. There is nothing worse than stumbling across a post that is clearly stuffed with nonsensical ramblings in order to fit in a few arbitrary keyword phrases. This also includes titles. Though it’s important to try to add your main keyword into the title heading, it should not be at the expense of aesthetics.

Tip #2 – Understand how people perceive information. Mark Twain once said, “Never use a five dollar word when a fifty cent word will do.” Sure, a lot of 8 syllable words may look impressive. It may work to convince your readers that you are knowledgeable as well.

However, it also causes readers to have to do more work, as studies have shown that 79% of people employ a “scanning” method of reading on the web. Most can only comprehend the information that is recognizable to them, such as smaller words that are easily identified. Instead, write at a fifth-grade level, with short, yet informative sentences.

Tip #3 – Giving the people what they want. Choosing topics to write about on a consistent basis can be difficult. Remember, you are writing for what the reader wants. In order to find what your target market is interested in, you have multiple options. You can find the top performers within your niche and identify their most popular posts. Through this method, you can create a new post that is similar in nature or covers the same topic, yet blows the original out of the water as far as quality and useful information.

The second method is to simply ask your viewers what they want to read about and create a post based on their feedback. This can be done through social media or visiting the forums that your target consumer populates.

Tip #4 – Point them in the right direction. Direct your audience on what to do once they’ve finished your content. Ask them to sign up through your opt-in or to check out one of your products. You’d be surprised at how many additional sign-ups can result from being upfront and politely asking.

On Site SEO

Tip #5 – It’s all semantics. Google has made it obvious that semantic search will only become a more dominant factor in how Google presents its search results. This can work to your advantage as keyword density may not play as big of a role as it used to.

Instead of being outranked by sites that offer little value, but are stuffed to the gills with keywords, you can rely on your writing ability and a small handful of similar keywords to gain a higher placing within the SERPs.

Tip #6 – Write as often as possible. According to a study performed by Hubspot, companies that blog 15+ times per month receive 500% more traffic than those that don’t. Quality is important, but so is quantity. Every article that you post provides another gateway for you to engage new and hungry readers by introducing them to your brand.

Tip #7 – Vary your anchor text. The recent Penguin updates have hit many sites hard that insisted on using anchor text specifically for their keywords. This is seen as a form of search engine manipulation and won’t be tolerated. Instead, create anchor text with short phrases that also happen to contain your keyword phrase in them.

Tip #8 – Speed Kills. The content delivery service known as Akamai, nearly half of all web users expect a web page to load within 2 seconds.  Four seconds is the threshold. By the 5-6 second mark, the majority of traffic will have clicked away from your page, leaving only a few people to read your blog. An easy way to improve load speed is to use a plugin such as W3 Total Cache, which helps condense your information so that it can be accessed much more quickly.

Tip #9 – The Power of Color Psychology. Choosing the appropriate color schemes for your site is crucial to how viewers respond emotionally. The Ecological Valence Theory suggests that every color elicits an emotional response based on familiarity with other items that also carry the same color.

Many health sites use colors such as green or blue because they evoke thoughts of vitality and freshness.  This may be because our ancestors viewed plants/foliage (green) and water/sky (blue) with positive feelings. It’s also believed that gender plays a role in which colors are preferred. A study conducted by Pod 1 shows what colors and hues are preferred by which gender.

With this information, you should be able to come to a determination of which colors schemes are the most appropriate for your target audience.

Building Your Brand

Tip # 10Be Nike. In order to build a brand, you MUST be unique. What sets you apart from the other 10 million people that exist within your niche? What are you going to differently that catches the attention of others? What is going to make you memorable in their eyes? This is the basis of brand awareness.

Close your eyes and attempt to think of three shoe brands. Chances are, Nike was one of them.  Their logo alone is one of the most recognized symbols in our society today. Of course, this level of recognition didn’t occur overnight. It took many years of consistently critiquing their line of shoes and making a conscious effort to present their message until it was literally engrained into our psyche.

You must do the same. Be EVERYWHERE. Forums, social media, Google + communities, and guest blogging are all ways to gain new viewership. The more people that are exposed to your brand, the better.

The most conventional bloggers are not always the most profitable. Who knows? Maybe by employing a few of these unconventional tips, you can connect with more viewers than ever before. If you found any of these tips helpful, or have any unconventional tips of your own, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. It is so good to see you expounding on expertise we know you have and have had for a long time. This is an excellent post with terrific information and the proper path to follow in building a blog or website. I know I can save this as a guide as to whether I am doing the right things or not which will be relevant as I move forward in the future. Thank you for the post and really hope to see more. Paul

    • Glad you got a ton of value from this post. As you can tell, we are going a lot more in-depth with our content as we want to give you all the best knowledge and facts about what works, what does not and how you can apply the knowledge we love to share.

  2. What’s the best way to find out popular blogs in your space?

    • Great question. The easiest way, go check out Google Blogs and do a keyword search for your industry. Also you can use a search query in Google such as “Powered by WordPress” “Your Keyword” and then use SEOQuake (an addon for Firefox and many popular browsers) to check their age, Page Rank, Indexed Links, etc to get a good idea of how powerful they are and how popular too.

  3. Excellent post Sean. I am launching a product purely addressing #8 in this post on feb 20th. Speed is so often overlooked but it has such a massive impact on user experience and thus pretty much every important metric.

    • You are absolutely right. Speed is critical. We use a wide range of tools to try and optimize our speed and make sure we are as fast loading as possible, even with a monster site like ours. Using CDNs, Caching, removing plugins that slow down the site can make all the difference in the world. Amazon did as study that with ecommerce for every 10th of a second over 1 second that your site loads you lose 10% of your customers. A scary thought for large sites, ever scarier when you are just starting out and struggling to get traffic… Thanks for the feedback!

      • Absolutely correct Sean, it’s like you are reading my sales copy! I have sent you PM via facebook. I think you might be interested. I didn’t want to just leave a link out here.

  4. Great advice Sean. I have come to view Google haters with suspicion, because over time what becomes more clear is that those who just try to provide the best information to their human audience, rather than chase loopholes, seem to come out ahead on average from the changes, while those with the most extreme “gaming” tactics are wiped out in droves.

    • Google is a necessary partner in success. They keep changing the rules and moving the goalposts but if you listen to good advise (Like you find on this blog) you will see that what they are doing is just an evolution of what they have already said for years. Over time your competitors who keep trying to game the system will lose out and those that follow the advice here will ultimately secure the top spots on the search engines as well as other sources too… Thanks for the excellent feedback 😉

  5. I think you have summed up the basic requirements we shoulfd all be using …. and not getting distracted!
    Thanks for the insight.

    • Getting distracted is all too easy. I know myself, with HD-ADHD I get distracted a lot. Keeping focus on your goals and what you need to do to succeed can be challenging but if you stick at it, very rewarding too…

  6. Some good tips here on how to create a successful blogging campaign. I think number 10 can turn into a bit of a time sink though – any tips on how to streamline/target your processes to get the most bang for your (temporal) buck?

    • An excellent question! #10 is a long term goal and takes time but in the new age of SEO and providing user value you have to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways is some simple branding (color schemes, logos, etc) to create recognition and provide a ton of incredible value. Being everywhere comes from a great social media strategy and content syndication. We have several WordPress plugins that can help with that (Syndication Rockstar, Promote Me Pro, PingFresh, etc) and a good content marketing strategy.

      For example, if you have a great blog post, promote it on Facebook, email it to your list, Syndicate it on Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest… It’s just a case of getting new eyeballs to your site and then build on that relationship as much as you can with building trust, value and confidence in you and your brand.

  7. These are very useful tips. i already read many blogging tips and i know how to use them. Definitely a must read for blogging beginners. Thanks!

  8. Great, I found tips 2, 4 and 9 to be very helpful. I’ve been blogging for a while now and these will still drastically help.

  9. This article is gold for new bloggers, every tip has a lot of worth just by themselves. Great job!

  10. #5 sparked my interest quite a bit. I think I’ll go off and do some researching of my own using this as a starting point. Thanks!

  11. Unconventional indeed, and very great blogging tips too! I’ll definitely take these on board.

  12. I’m just getting started with blogging. I haven’t even established an audience yet, but I think these tips will help me get there. Thanks!

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