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Blogging = Big Money

I’ve never made it a secret that creating content is absolutely fundamental to generating long lasting results.  However, I’ve never really expanded on ALL of the reasons why you should incorporate a blog into your marketing plan…until now.

With over 25 billion blog pages viewed every single month, there is a lot of traffic to go around.  By capitalizing on just a small fraction of these views, your business could go from mediocre to world renowned in a very short amount of time.  This can lead to HUGE profits and a high level of branding that will continue to drive revenue to your business for a long time to come.

Don’t believe me that blogging will improve business?  Here are some key statistics to remember…

  • 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.
  • On average, a blog that posts regularly will have 97% inbound links pointing towards their site.
  • Out of the 329 million people that view blogs monthly, the average reads 5-10 blogs a day.

Blogging For SEO

We all know that Google loves content.  Since the latest series of animal updates from Google over the past year, this stands truer today than ever before.  No longer can marketers gain an edge by manipulating the Google search rankings with keyword stuffing, useless backlinks, etc.  Now, Google’s search algorithm not only favors fresh, new content, but even goes as far as to try and interpret the meaning of the user.

As you know, Google will continue to update their algorithm in order to improve the user’s experience, quickly phasing out every technique that manipulates the rankings.  Instead, Google prefers content that is fresh, new, and offers something of value to its audience.  In fact, a site can even be penalized for improper grammar as it views that site as offering less value than a site that can be easily read.

The Social Experience

In a blog post I created entitled, Why Social Media May Be The Best Source Of Traffic After All, I outlined all of the reasons why social media is an absolute goldmine for marketers and will continue to be so for many years to come.  BUT…

How do you keep your followers continuously engaged on your social media accounts?  You can’t simply continue to post the coolest new “grumpy cat” meme and expect people to pay attention to you, let alone click through to your site and make a purchase.  You have to give them something of value or else they will begin to look elsewhere.  This can easily be done by posting your latest blog entry onto your social media accounts, effectively giving your audience fresh material on a regular basis.

Perhaps someone stumbled across an old blog post and found it rather informative.  Perhaps they will click on your social media icon, and without any extra leg work from you, you’ve gained a new follower!

Being “THAT Guy Or Woman”

In every popular niche you can think of, there are countless site owners that everyone refers to as the “authority”.  The authority is always well informed, and shares his or her knowledge with the rest of the niche.  Often times, the authority has built up a following that eats up every word he or she says in an almost cult like fashion.   The followers do the majority of the authority’s marketing for him by spreading his name across the web like wildfire.  Needless to say, the authority brings in the cash!

Aside from having your own primetime television show, continuously posting informative information on a blog is the fastest way to gain the coveted authority status.  This will allow others to view your expertise.  If your content is as entertaining as you believe it is, you will build up your own following soon enough.

The entire purpose of marketing is to spread your message to the masses.  What better way to gain exposure than to start blogging in 2014?

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