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How to Build Your Brand Without Being a Salesman

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of amazing people and the ability to do some incredible things due to my life as an internet marketer. One of the best things about owning a website is being able to communicate with your audience. Whether I’m at a seminar or sitting behind my computer reading emails, I get a plethora of questions from my readers (which is awesome by the way). However, recently I’ve noticed a trend. I’ve been receiving more and more questions from readers asking how they can sell a product without selling their integrity. ...

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new product launch

The 10 Step Product Launch Blueprint

Every year thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs pour their heart and soul (not to mention their money) into creating a product that inevitably crashes and burns harder than the Hindenburg. Perhaps they didn’t do the proper market research to ensure that people actually wanted what they’re offering? Perhaps they didn’t come up with the correct pre-launch plan to ensure that there was some sort of hype or excitement surrounding their subsequent product launch? Maybe they didn’t have the help and support of others within the niche to gain the reach necessary to drive enough revenue? Today, I’m going to provide you ...

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blogging for dummies

Blogging for Dummies: How to Turn Your Site into a Cash Cow

The state of internet marketing is changing at the speed of light. I’ve enjoyed watching this constant evolution over the many years and look forward to seeing what’s to come. Based on the last few years, I can already venture to guess what internet marketing models will become the most profitable in the coming years. On sheer momentum alone, I’d have to say that creating a site that produces continuous, valuable blog content will reign supreme. Thanks to the many Google updates over the years, cruddy, low quality sites have gone to the wayside, allowing for sites that actually provide ...

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email marketing triggers

Increase Email Conversions with these 4 Emotional Triggers

You’ve gone above and beyond, creating content that engages viewers, causing a tidal wave of traffic to hit your incredibly optimized website. You’ve done all the work of creating an offer so enticing that it causes members of your target audience to salivate at the thought of having the opportunity to opt in to your email list. Now what? This is the common conundrum that countless internet marketers across every niche imaginable face. The wily veterans in the game are always telling you that the money is in the list. But now that you’ve built your list, how the heck ...

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engaging content

3 MORE Content Creation Techniques that Draw More Traffic than the Manhattan Bridge

There is a science behind blogging that many have mastered. These “masters” use various categorical types of blog posts to further engage their audience while also bringing in new readers by the thousands. These types of content keep a blog fresh and interesting; enough so that readers will want to share these posts on social media, creating a firestorm of new traffic and potential consumers with each bit of content they produce. A week ago I published a post outlining 3 extremely beneficial techniques that will allow you to breathe new life into your blog and engage viewers like never ...

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