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Blog Your Way into Successful Lead Generation

Blogging can do wonders for your marketing strategy. By having a blog for your brand, you can provide your brand’s fans with relevant and interesting content. In addition, you can also generate more leads with a great blog in place. For most brands though, the lead generation step is a bit tricky. In order to create a blog that generates leads, you’ll need to use some effective marketing tactics.

Fortunately, the below tips are the right methods to be using. By implementing the strategies below, you’ll be able to take your blog from content delivery to lead delivery and beyond.

Your Blog Should Mirror Your Website

For most brands, having a blog means putting the blog on an entirely separate domain from the main website. While this does allow the blog to retain a level of autonomy, it also has the effect of separating the blog from the main website, which can be confusing and ineffective for marketing purposes. If you’re looking to create a blog that generates leads, your best strategy is turning your blog into an extension of your main website. By linking your blog to your main website, you’ll be able to drive users to not only visit your website, but also view what else your main website has to offer.

In addition, when tuning your blog into an extension of your main site, you should also focus on keeping similar formatting, style, and other mechanisms. By following the same flow and patterns, readers will be able to better link your main page to your blog and connect them as a single entity.

Opt-In Forms

Opt-in forms can be used in a number of ways for your main page and for the most part, they are a wonderful way to generate leads You should realize though that opt-in forms are for more than just your main page. They can be also used on your blog to help you generate leads. The most effective place to position the opt-in form is either at the bottom of the post or at the sidebar. If you’re concerned that your readers are not going to go through the entire blog post (for which case, you should think of better topics) you should position the opt-in form at the side of the page.

After your reader opts-in to your newsletter, you can present them with a coupon code to use on their first purchase on your online store. This not only helps build a better relationship between you and your audience, but it also helps take your leads into buyers.

A Referral Program

If you haven’t been using referral programs, then now is the time to start. If your readers enjoy your blog content enough and are purchasing your product too, then you may want to offer them the opportunity to become a member of your referral program. Your referral program works like this: you provide your current clients with more content and promotions when they provide you with more leads. This way, you’re building a strong relationship with your fan base and you’re also gathering an entire new gathering.

Keep in mind though that the referral program can be a bit tricky. When using the referral program, you need to make sure that the individuals who are referred to you will actually be interested in your brand. Otherwise, the purpose of the referral program isn’t being met. In order to ensure that you’re being referred quality leads, you should be care about the incentives you provide. For instance, for the most effective results, your first incentive should be content, while the second incentive should be a promotional coupon if the referral actually signs up for the newsletter or purchases a product.

Unique Content

You’re not going to generate any leads through your blog if you don’t have a blog audience. When creating your blog and writing posts, you also should focus on providing your audience with content that they will actually want to read and that is unique. To make sure that you are setting yourself apart from your competitors, the best thing to do is to see what your competitors are posting and to stay different.

Also, your content doesn’t need to be only in the form of writing. Content can include a blog post with images, videos, and charts. This way, you’ll be able to keep your reader engaged and build enough of an audience that you can transform into leads.

Another point to keep in mind when using a blog to generate leads is that you need to ensure that your blog is consistent. Consistency is not only a matter of posting on a regular basis, it is also a matter of creating high-quality and effective content for the reader. If your content isn’t consistent, your readership and lead generation won’t be either.

Powerful Words

Lastly, another method to generating leads using your blog is to ensure that you’re using powerful words not only in the headlines, but also within the content of your blog. Powerful words are the ones that you would use in your call to action to draw the viewer to purchase a product or register their email address. The same principle applies when it comes to blogs. Users are more likely to take action when the content uses wording that induces action. Therefore, your blog will be able to help you generate leads if you write it in a manner that aims for that goal.


You have many tools out there to help you generate and convert your leads. By recognizing the potential of the tools in your tool box, you can easily take your brand to the next level. With the strategies above, you can easily turn your blog from one that is performing subpar to one that is meeting your brand’s goals and expectations in terms of lead generation.

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