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Blog Contests – Why They are Your Ticket to Mass Traffic

blog_contestsIf you have never explored the benefits of a blog competition, then now really is the time.

I have started seeing more and more of my competition and colleagues using this tactic to reel in new visitors on a DAILY basis, and it is now becoming a viral thing.

The thing with a competition is – you need people to enter it. Not only that – you need something to give away. So let’s take some case studies, and see if we can’t cover some good niches.

There’s hundreds of thousands of Sniper, Clickbump & Amazon eStore sites out there now. Chances are you probably have one ticking away, earning a few dollars in Adsense somewhere, or you may have a hundred earning a dollar a day. Either way, we all know how prolific these sites are nowadays. So let’s use one as an example.

As a blog owner, you job is to bring new and unique visitors to your site, and also give the visitor what they are looking for. You can also give them something they don’t expect from a blog that is essentially selling them something. By running a blog competition for a product you are covering on your blog, you are engaging the visitor, and hopefully retaining them for another visit.

If you are marketing ‘antique clocks’ on your Amazon blog, then you need to give something away related to antique clocks. The easiest way to do this, is give away a DVD or book for that niche. Simply go to Amazon, and find some cheap books at $1 – $2, or some eBooks for even less. You will find a book on just about any subject or niche. This can be your giveaway.

Another type of site is an internet marketing and eBook sales site. If you are running one of these, then a giveaway is easy. You simply give away your full works to one lucky visitor. After all, what did they cost you?

So now you have got your products to give away – how do you get them out to new and potential visitors? Well, luckily, there are a couple of sites set up to do just this.



These sites allow you to list your competition and get your contest in front of thousands of people at the click of a button. In a very short amount of time, you will start seeing genuine people hitting your blog and entering your competition. To snap up their email address and their personal details, just use AWeber or GetResponse. Set a final date, and be sure to let the lucky winners know!

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    another great site in which you could could submit your blog contests to is http://www.sweepstakesania.com.  You will start seeing traffic to your contest in minutes after your contest is up on this blog

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