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Blank Page Syndrome?

If you are short of content, as we’ve discussed before, there’s a horrible feeling called “white page syndrome” that blank_pagecompletely prevents you from getting any decent words on to the screen in a timely fashion. Whilst you are struggling to find those words, the hours go past, and it is the next working day before you know it. That’s possibly some visitors you have missed out on, and that’s just more pressure added to the formula; and white page syndrome ensues once again.

So, lets get you out of that content hole and into the realms of possibility. The first thing you will need for content is inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms, but I like to go over to places like AdAge and take a look over the Power 150, who have awesome content every day of the week. The likes of ProBlogger and Brian Solis on there mean you are never short of ideas for content, but also – it is fantastic reading!

Failing inspiration from these pages, you are in dire need of a quick way to turn out some content. Content in essence is just keywords strapped to more words, and enjoyed by the visitor. So, if you are just hoping to get some fresh copy on your site so that Mr. Google takes a look over it and keeps you fresh on the SERP’s, here’s a great way to get that done…

Go to YouTube, and take a look at all the latest seminars and meetings that have taken place in the Internet Marketing industry. This forms a massive chunk of the internet marketing calendar so you won’t have to go far to find recent events, where guest speakers have imparted knowledge to the flocking crowds. All you need to do is take a few moments to actually watch a talk being given, and then form your own opinion on it. Of course you could transcribe some of it too, and that will make up a lot of copy in itself. It’s important that you have an opinion on it though, and summarize for your audience, because this will generate feedback and comments that you need to further your blog.

You will find that these types of posts get a lot of traffic, but in the unlikely form of people looking for information about the “subject” rather than about the seminar. All traffic is good traffic though, so enjoy it!

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