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Better Ezine Marketing

Better_Ezine_MarketingThere are many marketers who have no idea how to get the most out of Ezine, and there are a million ebooks you could read on the subject – but one method stands out further than most as being a clever tactic that works virtually every time.

Ezine’s article categories and articles have a most viewed section, which you can view by simply scrolling down the page on any given article. To get into this most viewed section, your article needs to have some very cool content, and needs to attract readers.

If you looked at the “Dog Training” category for example, and picked a random article, you can scroll down and see both how many times the article has been read, and the most viewed articles in the category. Click on the most viewed article, and you will see how many views your article needs to get the top spot.

To get that many views, you can use regular marketing like Youtube links, etc., but one of the best ways (if not the best) is to promote your article on a related forum, or several related forums. Forum posts get hundreds of views if your title is catchy enough, and you can send all that traffic right to your article. As well as getting a backlink from the forum.

The trick to this is to find related forums, so if you were in the dog training niche, you should find animal forums, and actually make your post relevant i.e. if the subject matter is someone having problems with their dog doing something nasty on the kitchen floors every day, and you wrote about dog training then your article would be relevant. Your post should be “You’re not on your own, don’t worry! lol There’s a ton of articles about this. Check out this article > link to your article, and then scroll down to see the related topics. This should give you a few tips and ideas. Hope that helps”. This is then very relevant, and not just two words and a URL (which mods will remove). You are also suggesting they look at other content (not just yours) which helps.

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