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Better Affiliate Advertising


We are in this business to make money. Let’s not beat around the bush. The only thing that can prevent us from making money, is the fact that we may be up against stiff competition, and we are not appealing to our visitors as a person.

What I mean by that is, even sites that are nowhere on Google’s page 1 for search terms, can still get traffic if they have a human interest angle that can be advertised in forum signatures, Twitter, Facebook and so on. For example, we might not be able to rank on page one for the search term “auto blogging software”, and sell hundreds of copies of a great auto blogging script – but we may be able to capture somebody’s attention with an article about a newbie who made hundreds of dollars using it. Let me elaborate a little;

You just need to capture the imagination of the person reading the little text link to your site. The usual method of advertising an affiliate product involves using some of the sales pitches and headlines provided by the vendor – which can often end in little clicks. The fact is, most people see these same text links: “21yr old buss driver makes a million dollars blogging!” For example may be used on hundreds of sites around the web. They don’t need to click the link to know what they are getting. You can flip the script on this easily, by writing about a real life person, and putting that story on your blog – and then linking to the product. How is this done?

The first thing you should do is take a look on some forums that allow users to sell products, find a great product that has some reviews (where people have actually succeeded using it) and then make sure the vendor has an affiliate program for said product. Contact the person who wrote the review, and ask them if you can interview them. You only need around 300 – 500 words for this to work. Let the article flow as a conversation, rather than you writing about the person.

Now, write a short text link for a signature on the same forum (let’s say it was the Warrior Forum)– “My interview with NEWBIE Warrior Tim Jones – ‘OMG! I made $2000 today!’ Find out how he did it here”. People will click this because they have an affinity with the member (being a fellow forum member) and they also have trust (it’s a personal interview that you (another fellow member) have conducted. It’s less sales like, and much more likely to get clicks.

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