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Best Article Sites for Internet Marketing Articles

Best article sites for submitting your internet marketingBest article sites articles to have changed their policies quite a bit over the past year. Some sites, like Ezine Articles, were always a little on the strict side to begin with, but with the advent of the “Google Panda” or “Farmer” updates made early in 2011, many internet marketers were sent scurrying to back to their affiliate platforms to find more reputable products and better keywords.

The best article sites changed their policies while the not-so-reputable ones did not. Now granted, the latter of this group represents sites that aren’t as popular as directories like Articles Base and Go Articles, so they had less to lose when Google’s new algorithms hit the search engines. However, if you are a fan of using some of these sites in your automated article submission process, the home website that you link to from those articles could be affected.

Best Article Sites and a Little Background on Submissions

The best article sites like Ezine Articles rarely allowed automated submissions from article spinning software or submitters. Smaller, yet still popular, directories that allowed them in the past started disallowing them one by one.

The whole purpose in automated submissions from spinners and submission software or plugins was to save time on the part of the submitter. Instead of submitting articles one by one into the forms of 300 websites, you could plug in a few values into a piece of software and have that software do it for you.

But alas, many internet marketers abused this method, and as a result, a lot of spam articles hit the internet. Google proactively took a role in trying to clean up the environment by penalizing such articles and the websites that hosted them.

Qualities of the Best Article Sites

But you won’t always know which of the best article sites are still the best – and which you should avoid in the future – unless you take a look at their submission policies and allowable categories. Look through your submission directory and visit each website personally. Do they allow a lot of gambling or adult content on their websites? This is your first red flag. Do they allow keyword stuffing or have few limitations on keyword density? This is also a sign to watch for.

Additionally, short articles that are less than 350 words are pretty much denied inclusion in Google, especially from these directories. Check the word count limitations of the directory policies to see if you’re still competing against 300-word spam articles in their directory, or if they require articles to be at least 350 words long. For your reference, most “quality” articles are at least 450 words long, and don’t string out over about 900 words total.

You can always ask what reputable internet marketers think are the best article sites on forums built around the topic. If they are all for the practices mentioned here, and they can prove they have successfully sold affiliate products through these websites, then find out which of the best article sites they recommend.

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